Pronoun smore


That toy is mine.

That's your controler

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Subjective pronoun

I asked her to the dance.

I went to football practice.

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Objective pronoun

Her and i went to the dance.

She was riding her bike.

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Interrogative pronoun

Where were you last night?

What time did you leave your house?

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Compound personal pronoun

I'm having a nerf war with him and myself.

I'm doing my homework by myself.

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Numeral pronoun

I had 18 cows in the barn.

I had 2 scoops of icecream.

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Indefinite pronoun.

Everyone had pizza.

Little frosting was on the cake.

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Demonstrative pronoun

That is a pencil.

That is a apple.

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Ben saw Jerry and called for him.

Ben went to Jerry's house to play on his xbox.

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