Hitlers Secret

Written By: William Osborne, Book Report By: Peyton Ott

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Paragraph Description

This book takes place during WWII in many places. It starts off with two ordinary kids just trying to make it in the war torn world but when they are called upon to help not on their country but the world on a mission that could change the face of the war Leni was hesitant but Otto was excited. In the peak of the war they are sent on a special mission to rescue a little girl from a tower in a area controlled by the Nazis. As they make their transition from training camp to the actual rescue things go as planned. But when they are discovered by a Nazi leader, Hendrich, things fall apart. With their lives and little girl whose name is found out as Angelika they make it too the mountains to try to make it to safe territory. But when Hendrich and a group of Nazis catch up to them on a rope bridge there is only one thing left to do run and be killed or give up the girl. With a sinister plan Leni cuts the rope on the bridge catching Hendrich and Otto and Angelika and sending them swaying over the cliff. But with every last bit of effort Otto felt his grip on the little girl loosening and with the last words in Angelika's mouth saying its ok…. Why was this girl so important to Hitler and what will happen to Angelika?

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Answers for Questions

  • What did enjoy about the book?- i enjoyed that it was placed in WWII because that is one of my favorite time periods, i enjoyed that it was fictional but it also had a lot of history in it.
  • Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?- the main characters were Leni, Otto, Angelika and the Nazis because the whole book revolves around what they are doing and who is trying to stop them.
  • Was the ending satisfactory (for fiction)? Why or why not?- i thought it could be better because it ends with them in a plane headed back to England after the incident at the bridge and i think they could have done more detail about the meeting with Hitler and Hendrich.
  • Why would you recommend this book?- i would recommend this book because it has a lot of action and if you love WWII this book is really good because it gives the perspective of two Agents who are ordinary kids.