Tuesday Tech Talks

December 16, 2014

Google Santa Tracker

Google is ramping up its annual Santa Tracker, adding in a ton of games, puzzles, kid-friendly coding lessons, and of course real-time updates when Santa travels the globe on Christmas Eve.

There are new activities to check out each day, which you can unlock on Google’s Advent Calendar. The activities are diverse, including a map with write-ups of how different nations celebrate Christmas. It’s very child friendly, with no ads or external links.

More Tech Gadgets

4 New Year's Tech Resolutions

1. Clean up your H drive

2. Stop using the same password for every account

Having the same password for every account can put your entire online presence at risk, since a person only needs to guess correctly once to access them all. Use a password tool to keep track of your different log-ons.

3. Stay up-to-date on your privacy settings

Social networks are constantly updating their settings. Keep an eye out for major site changes or news of an update to privacy settings.

4. Keep your inbox organized

Use rules, folders, and more to clean up your Outlook inbox.