people who changed religion

by: Noah Glover

Jan Huss

Jan Huss was born in 1339 and died in 1415. He was a philosopher which probably influenced him to change the world forever. He probably didn't know he was gonna make as big as an impact as he did. Well anyway he was the first one to speak out against the catholic church. He influenced others to do so also. That eventually pushed the catholic church to do things for God instead of money and power. He was unfortunately burned at stake for in my eyes doing something great that changed the world.

Martin Luther and the 95 theses

Martin Luther

Although Martin Luther was not the first one to speak out against the church he had one of the greatest impact on religion. I think it had such a big impact because what he did was so bold. He nailed a list of 95 problems he had on the church door of the church. Now let me give you a history of the roman Catholic church door. That was where you would put all your prayer concerns and things like that so the priest would look at everything on the door. So anyway that was bold. And 95 things thats a lot just think about it.So one person didn't change religion it was when more and more people started to protest and realize that they needed God and that could talk to Him themself. So when he did something it influenced others to do something and then those people influenced others and then that just went on and on until new denominations started and here we are today.