Module 9 - MLearning

Check out these apps for MLearning in your classroom!

MLearning and how to bring it into your classroom

I have researched 5 different MLearning apps that can be used for classroom engagement, student expression, teacher assessment and content management.

Top 5 Apps for MLearning

Google Drive

What is it?

A comprehensive suit of products such as Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets etc.

How to use it in the classroom?

Store all of your classroom materials in one convenient location. Create collaborative documents for students group work. Gauge classroom engagement with a Google Form, then organize the results in Google Sheets


What is it?

An app designed to tale student through content and provide a supplementary tool to formative assessment.

How to use it in the classroom?

Take any quit created on document word processor and implement it into Socrative, Students can take the quiz at any time on any mobile device and receive immediate feedback. Furthermore Socrative codes the results on a spreadsheet that can illustrate areas of weakness within the class that need to be addressed.