Who Are We?

L= Loving England

O= Opposed to leaving England

Y= Yesterday is over, let's focus on our future

A= Always committed to England

L=Living well and happy

I= Important to Britain

S=Saving the tea is vital to our economy

T=True to King George forever


What We Believe!

We Loyalists believe that all colonists should be loyal and faithful to the leader, King George of Britain.

We Loyalists stayed loyal to Great Britain before and after the American Revolution.

We believe that all damage from the French and Indian War should be paid from our taxes.

If not us, who?

We believe that American Colonist would be weak without the help of Great Britain.

We believe that colonists profit from trade with England.

We believe that everyone should obey the laws.

Why Should You Become a Loyalist?

If you are mild mannered and believe in peace and liberty and not war, you should be a Loyalist.

Violence will only give rise to mob rule or tyranny. Staying loyal to your leader is the way to go.

Without a leader over our government things would go really wrong. There would be no rules to follow and no economic structure. Thanks to good government, we Loyalists have a more solid and united front.

Our country is much more safer because we have laws to follow. We have some great people fighting for us to maintain our safety and peace.

Breaking away from England would be expensive and a detriment to our economy.

Think about living in poverty with no goals or plans. This would not happen if you are a Loyalist.

The Patriots respond using violence to get their points across like Paul Revere and John Adams. Do you really want to join such a violent group of people?

Decide for yourself!

British Loyalists in the Revolutionary War
We Loyalists have provided some important information on who we are and what we represent. We believe in commitment, stability and progress. We never used violence to get our point across. We were the victims! Running away from England would not be a sensible solution to any problem. If you want to be associated with a group that mirrors conviction, character and common sense, becoming a Loyalist would be your best move.