Mercesrburg Elementary

From the principal

I hope you all are having a wonderful spring! I want to thank all of our students for all of their hard work on the PSSA’s. The students worked extremely hard, and I am proud of them! Get ready because we have many fun and exciting things planned at the end of the school year.

Summer Slide

During the past school year, the elementary schools have reemphasized the importance of reading outside of the school day. As we move into the summer months, it is vital that students continue reading daily at home to prevent students from sliding backwards in the summer months.

Research states that parental involvement in literacy is directly connected to academic achievement. Students who don't read over the summer will demonstrate an academic loss and will not do as well as those students who continue to read over the summer. Substantial research on this topic shows that the students who can least afford to lose ground as readers are most likely to suffer from summer reading loss and fall far behind their peers. Summer reading loss can have a cumulative effect and cause students to lose two grade levels of reading ability by the time they reach sixth grade. In the summer it is important that our children get outside and play daily, but it is equally important for our children to read daily. Reading just 10 minutes daily for primary students or five books total in the summer for intermediate students can help prevent academic loss. As parents it is vital that we stress the importance of reading and have discussions with our children about what they are reading. Read aloud to your child, even if he can read on his own. This helps build vocabulary and listening comprehension skills. Encourage your child to participate in a summer reading program at a local library. You might also consider the PBS KIDS & Parents Reading Challenges or scholastic reading which runs throughout the summer months. If you are curious for more ways to get involved with summer reading with your child, please contact our school. We appreciate all of your help and support throughout the school year and into the summer!

Lost and Found

I have been encouraging the children to check the lost and found for any missing items. The table is getting very overwhelming and will soon be donated to the Good Will.

Parent Survey

Please go online and take our parent survey about our school. We are always looking for feedback.


Please remember to send excuses/doctor notes for absences with your child. Students who have missed 10 days of school are required to have a doctor’s note for any other days to be considered excused. Please make sure that you excuse arrives with in three days of your child’s return to school. After three days the day will be counted as an unexcused absence.

Late arrivals

If a students arrives after 7:40 am, parents must come in and sign the student in at the office.

Bus Ramp

Please remember no cars on the bus ramp prior to 7:40 am.
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Science Fair

Thursday, May 14th, 6pm

Mercersburg, PA, United States

Mercersburg, PA

5th grade track meet

Friday, May 15th, 9am

James Buchanan Senior High School, Mercersburg, PA, United States

Mercersburg, PA

Summer Slide

Tuesday, May 19th, 6:30pm

Mercersburg, PA, United States

Mercersburg, PA