Grilled Lemon Chicken

Mod 5/6 Emmie Ledesma


1/3cup lemon juice

1/4cup extra virgin olive oil

1tablespoon dijon mustard*

2tablespoons garlic

1/2teaspoon salt

1/4teaspoon ground black pepper

12oz chicken breast



  • 1. In a bowl, mix the lemon juice, olive oil, dijon mustard, garlic, salt and pepper. set aside 1/4 cup of mixture to use for basting. Place chicken in the bowl, and marinate at least 20 minutes in the refrigerator.

  • 2. Preheat grill or grill pan to high heat

  • 3. Lightly oil the grill grate. Drain and discard marinade from the bowl, and place chicken on grill. Cook 6-8 minutes on each side, until juices run clear. Baste occasionally with reserved marinade.
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    Why Grilled Lemon Chicken:

    Grilled lemon chicken is a simple, go-to meal when you want a healthy lunch or dinner. It is only 274 calories per serving and can feed a family of four. There are only .6 grams of sugar. Grilled over fried chicken keeps the meal lean and healthy, so that it covers only 26% of your daily fat intake. The dish also provides a high level of protein at 26.9 g. It contains a healthy amount of other nutrients, such as only 397 mg of salt. If eaten as one of your three square meals per day, grilled lemon chicken can be a healthy choice for a well-balanced diet.