Understanding Media

How has it change from the past to the present ?

What media means to me

Media is a word that we all use on a daily bases. Media is a basic skill of communication. Media is news, entertainment, and a social club. You can get media from other places like the newspapers or the internet. For example, as a form of entertainment media can be shown on TV showing an advertisement. Media is a way people learn what’s going on in the world. Media changes the way we see the world. With media people can understand the struggles and trails of a country while other can see the peace and prosperity of another. Without this tool, we would be left in the dark not understanding the world. Media is to be comprehended by everyone. This understanding shows that you are capable of understanding the information and viewing people’s standpoints. Understanding how people think is what helps media develop opinion based; with this others can discuss what they think. For example there are chat rooms and social sites like Facebook or Twitter. In these examples people can lie just for people to pay attention to them and gain praise or hate, but in the end they just get people to view what they have to say. Media is what our country is built upon, freedom. With the freedom to speak freely people can base what they have to say in a manner where they won’t be punished. With other countries just like the US with the freedom to speak the world of media would grow larger.

Budweiser Super Bowl XLVIII Commercial -- "Puppy Love"

Puppy and Pony Best Buds

Budweiser in the Super Bowl commercial, “Puppy Love” claims that a strong friendship will last forever no matter if you’re separated from each other. Budweiser supports its commercial by illustrating a puppy and a horse that become friends and when the puppy is being adopted noting stops the horse from saving his friend. Budweiser purpose is to convince people that unlikely friendships can happen as you see from a horse and a puppy, friends can survive any and everything in order to have a long lasting friendship with each other and having a Budweiser provides a closer connection with your friend. Budweiser writes in a warming tone to a young adults, drinkers or none drinkers.

Breaking news: School lawsuit under way

Parents sue after school charges extra money for bottle water

Thomas Graves, School reporter

Friday June 17, 2014

Hull Middle School, Duluth GA- A young middle school student named Josh Price started his day regular until he went to lunch that day. When he went to the lunch line to get his food, most lunches come with milk but he is lactose intolerant, so he usually gets free water from the lunch line. The school’s new policy changed that week on Monday when Josh got lunch and was denied his free water and charged an outrageous price of $2.50.

When Josh told his parents what happened at school the Price’s where outraged, “Our son was always given free water but when he was charged for a regular sized water bottle plus lunch he was spending around $5 a day, that’s too much!” said Mrs. Price

“Our son has an illness that we should not be charged for a water bottle from school!”

Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

"Somebody's Watching Me" is the theme song for upcoming film of George Orwell's 1984

The song written by Rockwell, “Somebody’s Watching Me” is a perfect fit for the movie. The reason is at all times no matter night or day; the people of Oceania are always being watched. At the start of the song Rockwell says he is just an average man with an average life, Winston has the same life style doing to work every day to who knows how long. Winston has no privacy only within his mind and in his diary, without those places Winston was being watched when he even thought he was in the safest place and that has a Mr. Charrington shop, but even then he was being watched by the telescreen behind the picture. This song is perfect because there is a part of the songs that has to do with the mailman and the IRS, and Rockwell says he doesn't know if he feels safe, this goes along with O'Brien and how Winston trusted him and in the end we was a member of the thought police and he was no longer Winston friend and trusted ally. Rockwell’s song and 1984 go together hand and hand because the theme of both is no privacy and no one is alone in the word.

Overview of Media Literacy

This semester my thought of media has changed. At the beginning I thought media as a source of news but now I know that media is a way of life for many people, without the media outlook people would be left behind and would not know about the world. So my thoughts of Media Literacy have grown because I understand people’s viewpoints now. I have developed critical thinking skills also I’m able to understand the way someone is making you think by understanding the technique they are using to persuade you to their side.

Unlike most Language Arts, this class is actually enjoyable because what we do relates to the way today and we understand what we are talking about. Most classes we read books likes the works of Shakespeare, I find that interesting to a point until it becomes bland. When we watching the movie the Social Network it related to both what we were talking about in class and what we once used in today’s culture, I found that quite enjoyable. Another reason this class is different is that we watched good movies in class and that as a class were old and mature enough to watch and was able to have an adult conversation about what we liked and didn’t, in other classes we watched the movie and just filled a fill in the blank worksheet.

The things I am taking away from this class are that people don’t wait for you to do work, and there are no do overs in life. Also, be on time and be able to understand people’s viewpoints so you can make a better connection to others. Also there are no breaks in life, if you stop for one moment you will be left behind with no way to return. This class was great but here should be a couple of changes so that future classes can have a better time than I had. During the 1984 unit of classes we should have a mixture of watching the movie and reading, because the reading made class go a little bit longer than usual. Also we should have more group presentations because that was enjoyable. For the last Language Arts class of my high school career it was one crazy fun ride. I hope future classes enjoy the class like I did.