Alvin And The Chipmunks Analysis

By:Francisco Caballero

Movie Series Summary

This movies are abute brothers that one is trouble another smart and the last one is funny and they go on journeys and maybe get lost.

Movie 4: Alvin And The Chipmunks:The road chip

The crew spent 70 Million on the budget and made 361,336,633 Million at the box office worldwide so this means they made 55 Million on the earning.
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Analysis Summary

After Analysing I learned that Alvin and the chipmunks:Chipwrecked was the most successful.Alvin and the chipmunks:The road chip was the least successful and they made in total 331 Million.I have a question that is there going to be more Alvin and the chipmunks movies.I learned that theirs 2 high and 2 low movies and it shanged by people not liking the movies.