Windmills and Wind-power

Brittany Lawrence

What are Windmills?

They are wind-driven machines used to pump water from wells and to generate electricity. A windmill is a building with sails or vanes that turn in the wind and generate power to grind grain into flour. The earliest forms of wind-powered machines were sailboats.

Windmill Function

Windmills, or wind turbines, work like sails or propellers. The wind hits against the blades of the wind turbine in a diagonal angle. The air pushes the blade into the opposite direction, making lift that pulls the blade forward. The blades turn a shaft that's connected to a generator.

Wind energy usage in the United States

29,440 megawatts of wind power is currently used in the United States, and about 5,866 megawatts are under construction. There was a 50% increase from 2007.

A single 1 megawatt windmill can provide enough electricity to power 225 to 300 houses. A single 1 megawatt windmill on an offshore wind farm can provide enough energy to power more than 400 houses.