Dream Vehicle

Livia Morris

Vehicle Description:

2012 Volkswagen Jetta

36,500 mileage.




  • 2.0L Diesel Power; It has great drivability with a 600-plus-mile-range.
  • DSG Gearbox; A combination of a manual and automatic. It has 2 clutches and steering wheel mounted shifters.
  • Sits 4 adults comfortably.
  • Longer wheelbase that creates more interior volume.
  • Has a more substantial roofline that allows for more generous rear-seat headroom.
  • 15.5 cubic feet trunk.
  • Flat bottomed steering wheel.
  • Aluminum foot pedals.


  • Clean profile.
  • More dynamic look.
  • Distinctive honeycomb grille.
  • Deeper front spoiler.
  • GTI-Style fog lights.
  • Red-coated brake calipers.
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