The Underground Railroad

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Overall Goal: HEAD NORTH

To make sure you are headed in the correct direction:

  • use the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper to locate the North Star (tip of the Little Dipper), follow to find your way north!
  • look at moss on trees if it isn't clear enough to locate the North Star; moss typically grows on the north side of trees


To escape the peculiar institution:

  • Beware of your overseer, their job is to keep you in slavery
  • If you are caught, you will receive a flogging
  • Bounty hunters will try to retrieve you for money, BEWARE
  • Dogs will be on your path: walk through rivers to hide your scent

Underground Railroad

The Underground Railroad is the path you will take to freedom.

"Conductors" will assist you on the underground railroad. They can be trusted.

"Stationmasters" are the owners of shelters of hiding places for runaway slaves.

Use this help to escape the land of being referred to as "darkies." You are human!

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You will take the path from New Orleans to Detroit in order to escape the Black Belt.

With slave revolts occurring, such as those by Nat Turner and Denmark Vesey, security has been on the rise. You will have help along the way, reaching "stations" that will be able to hold you for safekeeping before moving on.

Song instructing slaves how to reach freedom

When the Sun comes back

And the first quail calls

Follow the Drinking Gourd,

For the old man is a-waiting for to carry you to freedom

If you follow the Drinking Gourd

The riverbank makes a very good road.

The dead trees will show you the way.

Left foot, peg foot, travelling on,

Follow the Drinking Gourd.

The river ends between two hills

Follow the Drinking Gourd.

There’s another river on the other side

Follow the Drinking Gourd.

When the great big river meets the little river

Follow the Drinking Gourd.

For the old man is a-waiting for to carry to freedom

If you follow the Drinking Gourd.