PSR - November 2018

Looking Ahead

Nov. 1 - 6:30 am/Noon/6:30 pm - All Saint's Day Masses

Nov. 4 - 9:45 am & 5:30 pm - PSR Sessions

Nov. 5 - 5:30 pm - PSR Session

Nov. 11 - 8:30/11 am - Children's Liturgy

Nov. 11 - 9:45 am & 5:30 pm - PSR Sessions

Nov. 12 - 5:30 pm - PSR Session

Nov. 18 - 9:45 am & 5:30 pm - PSR Sessions

Nov. 19 - 5:30 pm - PSR Session

Nov. 25 - Feb. 18 - No Access to Classrooms - Building Expansion Project

All Saint's Day Masses

Come celebrate the call to holiness as we commemorate the lives of all the saints who have gone before us! The Catholic practice celebrates all those who have entered heaven, including saints who are recognized by the Church and those who are not.

Masses for All Saint's Day (Nov. 1) will be at 6:30 am, Noon and 6:30 pm.

Additionally, during the entire month of November Holy Family will honor in prayer those in our lives who have died. If you have a photo of a deceased loved one that you would like to display, please bring it in and place it at the front of the church near the baptismal font.

PSR to Take Extended Break

Well, if you've had a chance to look out the classroom windows or have parked in the lower lot, you can tell that LOTS of progress has been made on the classroom addition!

PSR will be on an extended break starting with the Thanksgiving holiday so that the construction crews can tie in the existing building to the addition. We are projected to be able to be back up and running after President's Day (Feb. 18).

Please keep your eye out for announcements of starting back up in the spring! Until then - enjoy your Thanksgiving, December, Advent, Christmas, New Years, January, February, and Valentine's Day (Whew! Lol!)!

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Holy Family Parish School of Religion

Mindy Lehman

Director of Religious Education