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February 9th, 2019

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Beauty All Around Mill Pond...

A Quote from Ms. Kovaleski's Key Value Letter:

Showing integrity is a choice! There is a big difference between knowing the right thing to do and actually doing it. I feel very lucky to work at Mill Pond where character education is so important. I see and hear examples of students and staff showing integrity every day! Please turn and talk about the examples of things that you have done or seen that demonstrates integrity…… At Mill Pond, people turn in things that others have lost, rather than keeping it for themselves. Students admit to mistakes or bad choices and want to fix them. I see students making sure that others get a chance to catch the ball in football, or get a turn to kick the ball in kickball, or invite someone to sit with them at lunch when a peer appears to be alone.

What are you going to do today to show your integrity? Remember integrity is doing the right thing even when you think nobody is watching!


Ms. Kovaleski

Learning all around Mill Pond...

This Week's Loving Contents:

Choose your own adventure of the topics covered below:

1. Book Fair

2. Lunar New Year

3. Plastic Clean Up Challenge

4. ESL Academy

5. Railers Game

6. Challenge for Change Fundraiser Total

7. BINGO Save the Date

Noteworthy Notes:

Book Fair:

Mill Pond Parent Group's Scholastic Book Fair is this coming week!! The book fair is a fundraising event for MPPG and puts new books in the hands of our students, our teachers, and the library. Students will be shopping the fair during their scheduled Library period during the week of February 11th. Families can shop the fair and enjoy a Cookies and Cocoa Cafe on February 12th and 13thfrom 6:30-8pm. Make a purchase and be entered to win free books! Donate loose change/cash during the fair to support our students who are going to donate books to schools in need. Want to learn more about how you can sign up for an eWallet and avoid sending your child to school with cash? Check out our school's Scholastic homepage at to find helpful information about the program and the fair.

Lunar New Year:

I would like to apologize on behalf of our whole school for those who received homework the night of the Lunar New Year. This is a holiday that our educational community has agreed to be homework free and it was the responsibility of school administration to ensure it was recognized. Again, we are sorry, and to the families and friends who celebrate, we wish you a year filled with good fortune and good health!

Stop Plastic Pollution:

A few of our activist students in the 5th grade have identified and researched a huge problem, plastic pollution. Here is their announcement "Over 2 million pounds of plastic flows into our oceans every day! To help stop plastic pollution, we have created a challenge for our students. The challenge is to take a picture of yourself picking up trash in the community. Send the picture to Ms. Robertson and pictures will be posted on the "Mill Pond Loves The Environment" bulletin board. As a result of sharing this photo, they will be entered in a raffle to win a Pura Vida bracelet. We hope you participate; now go save our planet!

ESL Academy Sharing their Immigration Stories!

More Noteworthy Notes...

Railers Game:

Westborough Schools are hosting a joint town-wide event for the Worcester Railers Hockey Game on Sunday 3/3! This is an exciting event with lots of extra opportunities. Here is the link to the flyer.

Challenge for Change:

We raised the unbelievable impressive amount of $1084.82 in our Challenge for Change Fundraiser. This money will be donated directly to Hope for Ariang to help fund the education of students and training for teachers in South Sudan. I am extremely proud of the initiative and support of Mill Pond students and families for this great cause!


Thursday, March 14th, 4pm

6 Olde Hickory Path

Westborough, MA

Thursday, March 14. Two sessions: 4:00- 5:30 p.m. OR 6:30 - 8:00 pm. Ticket order forms will be sent home next week. Please see the attached flyer for information about how you can donate to the BINGO Basket Raffle Drive. BINGO is our biggest fundraiser of the year, so please consider contributing. Any amount, large or small, is greatly appreciated! See the attached document. Thank you!

Thank you and Take Care!