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December 2015

Principal's Message

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving Break! Before long, we'll be out for the holidays and it will be 2016. Hopefully, you have all heard about our campus-wide effort and partnership with Cy-Hope to bring the holidays to students that might not otherwise receive any gifts. Each homeroom class has been given the first name and age of a CFISD student, along with a couple of items on their "wish list". Our hope is that our students will help at home to earn money to contribute to this project. The teachers have shared the information about the student's wishes with the class, and some classes have even begun planning the specific gifts they'd like to provide. We are aiming to provide at least an article of clothing and a toy for each child. If you are able to contribute, a suggested amount is $5 to $10. The teacher or another staff member will shop for the gifts. The gifts will be wrapped here at school, and then we will deliver them to the schools where the students attend. We are so excited about being able to make a difference in approximately 50 students' lives this holiday season. I feel certain that our students will benefit from this experience of giving, and I cannot wait to see their expressions when we show them the results of their contributions. Thank you to everyone for your support!

We look forward to seeing you at our holiday parties on December 18. RSVP forms will be sent home on Monday, December 7. We will send your nametags home early if you RSVP, which will allow you to avoid lengthy check-in lines if the RSVP form is returned on time. Please read the detailed information below in the PTO section. A sign up genius link is included for those that would like to volunteer. Parties will take place during large group time this year with fun for the whole grade level. The schedule is also included below.

Writing Gallery

If you plan on visiting Robison in the next few weeks, please stop by the Writing Gallery in the front hall. These authors' papers will be displayed until the winter break: Brooke Bredthauer, Kaleah Leeder, Grace Fenney, Jillian Murray, Connor Gravatt, Emarie Guillen, and Alex Zorrilla, We know that you will enjoy reading their stories!

Robison Spelling Bee

The Robison Spelling Bee will be held after school on December 10, and these students will be competing for Robison's "Top Speller" spot! Congratulations to each student, and good luck studying the words.

3rd grade- Lucas Twigg

4th grade- Luisa Longo, Shubaita Rahman, Rylie White, Cornyn Chan, Peyton Kargel, Kristen Mueller, and Wafia Rahman

5th grade- Lidia Longo, Marissa Richardson, Blake Stanaker, Kaleah Leeder, Aiden Shumate, Ayana Obas, and Jacob Lemos

Let’s BLAST OFF with BLAST BEHAVIOR this month!

December brings a new set of class meetings in which we discuss how to show our BLAST behavior in the playground. Being respectful means we say “Please” and “Thank You”. Being a Leader means living “Above the Line”. Being accountable means “Know Your Pin, Put It In”. Being safe means “Slowly Grab, Then Go”. Being a Team Player means “Keep it Clean”.

We hope you noticed our “Brilliant” fall trees with the gorgeous fall leaves filled with kids’ names who were showing their BLAST behavior in the hallways last month. This month be on the lookout for some festive garland in the front lobby which will be decorated with ornaments with kids’ names who are being respectful, being a leader, being accountable, being safe, and being a team player at Robison!

Stay Connected

We have multiple ways to communicate. Please make sure you are getting updates from all of these sources so you will always stay connected:



School Website:

Directions for School Messenger:

Remind 101: Text @robisonf to 81010



4: Box Tops Due and Garden Day (2nd)

8: Author Don Tate Visits (2nd-5th)

9: Holiday Shoppe Ends

10: Math DPM (2nd) and School Spelling Bee (4:30 pm)

11: Garden Day (4th)

14: Choir Program (7 pm)

15: Math DPM (3rd & 4th) and Student Council Meeting (7:50 am)

16: Math DPM Continued (3rd & 4th) and Watt Watchers Meeting (8 am)

18: Holiday Parties (See schedule in the PTO section)

HOLIDAYS: December 21-January 4 (Classes resume January 5)


5: Classes resume

6: Public Hearing to Share School Data (6 pm)

8: Box Tops Due

11: 2nd Grade Language Arts DPM (thru 1/29) and Name That Book Grade Level Competitions @ Recess

12: 4th Writing Benchmark (Schedule changes will be communicated)

13: 5th Reading Benchmark (Schedule changes will be communicated)

15: Grading Period Ends, Texas Day (4th) and Garden Day (2nd)


19: School Board Meeting

22: Report Cards and Cultural Celebrations (2nd)

25: STAAR Parent Information Night (3rd-5th) @ 7:00 pm

29: Garden Day (1st)


Winter Wonderland Holiday Shoppe

Our Winter Wonderland Holiday Shoppe is going on right now! We will have the Shoppe available Monday-Wednesday, December 7-9. If you are able to help any of these days, please click on this link. Thank you! If you have any questions, please contact Amy Osborne

Holiday Parties

Holiday Parties December 18!

We are excited to announce a new format for Holiday Parties this year on December 18. Each grade level will celebrate during their large group time. We will have games in the gym and music room and snacks in the art room. Parent volunteers are needed this day to run the games and to help with the snacks. Please consider helping to make this a fun day for our students by clicking on the Sign Up Genius link to volunteer Per CFISD policy, middle and high school aged siblings are not permitted on our Robison campus this day. If you have preschool aged siblings, please remember that the games and snacks are provided for the Robison students only. The snack will be a Capri Sun juice, a Two Bite vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting and a Two Bite Brownie (no nuts) from Kroger Bakery, and Goldfish. If you have a child with food allergies, you are welcome to send a special snack for your own child that day. Please label with your child’s name and teacher name. If you have any questions, please contact Karen Finke

Here is the schedule for the Holiday Parties:

*Holiday Parties*

9:00-9:45 4th Grade

9:50-10:35 2nd Grade

10:40-11:10 PPCD & Pre-K (am)

11:20-12:05 5th Grade

12:20-1:05 1st Grade

1:15-2:00 3rd Grade

2:10-2:55 Kindergarten

3:00-3:30 PPCD & Pre-K (pm)

Yearbook News

Hi Superheroes,
Please do not be left out, the yearbooks are flying away, and the deadline to guarantee this price of $25.00 will end on December 18th. After December 18th the price will automatically increase to $30.

Please note-The yearbook committee does not order extra yearbooks. The only way to guarantee that your student will receive a yearbook is to order it today.

Also time is running out to get your Page Sponsorships in. Let your little superheroes know how proud you are of them or how much you appreciate your child's teacher. Deadline is December 18th.

Thank you,
Stephaine Key

Special Shout Out to All Colonial Day Volunteers!

Thank you so much to all of the volunteers that helped to make Colonial Day for our 5th graders a great success. A very special thank you to the station chairs (Ann, Ashli, Karla, Michael, Sandra, Sara, Stacey, Susan) that spent lots of time preparing and organizing each station. Thank you to the parents that volunteered to help make the stations run smoothly. Thank you to the 4th grade teachers that let us use their classrooms. Thank you to the parents that made desserts for our lunch. Thank you to our speaker Mr. Thomas Green and our large group presenter Ms. Kim Lehman. Thank you to the PTO for providing such a great event for our children. Thank you Shannon Bickham for being my partner and a special thank you to Karen Finke for being the glue that held us all together. If you had any part (big or small) in Colonial Day we want you to know that we sincerely appreciate YOU AND YOUR TIME.

Many Thanks,

Kim Worchesik

Box Tops Update

Thanks to everyone for all the great label collecting you have been doing!! Remember, your child’s homeroom can win fun rewards for turning in Box Tops:

Class Collection reaches 500 – Class receives CRAZY HAIR DAY

Class Collection reaches 1000 – Class receives HAT DAY

Class Collection reaches 1500 – Class receives SNEAKY RECESS

Class Collection reaches 2000 – Class receives POPCORN PARTY

Several classes have reached the 500 milestone and will receive rewards soon! Keep collecting so your child’s classroom can win too! Our next collection date is Friday January 9th, so turn in as many Box Tops as you can….keep up the great work, Rockets!!!