The Hormones Of Middle school kids

from: Joshua Flores

Hormones :

  • Growth
  • Stress
  • Sex

The hormonal change of a child

Hormones can affect behavior in middle school.

It’s hard to be a girl at this age and stage. “Hormones make many girls feel edgy, crabby, cranky, and teary,” notes Steiner-Adair. “Everyone’s bodies are developing and changing at different rates and this often makes girls feel uncomfortable with their own.” Raging hormones and interest in boys can also disrupt the existing social order. “When boys hit the scene it can be tough to sort out just how to interact in the same old way with girlfriends,” adds Meg White. “By the time your daughter is 10 or 11, it’s time to open a conversation about sex and boys, but I recommend parents back off from too much boy talk. When your daughter mentions a boy, don’t immediately jump to the possible attraction between them. It might or might not be there.”