Space Shuttles

By: Zach H

What is a Space Shuttle?

Space Shuttles are large space vehicles. Astronauts launch space shuttles which take off like rockets. They go around the earth (orbit) like a space ship and then land like an airplane. Space Shuttles can be reused, meaning used again for other missions. The Space Shuttle can carry a great deal of cargo, which is referred to as payload. So astronauts can carry out many important missions.

Space Shuttle built for launching.

The Space Shuttle has two solid rocket boosters and three engines. The shuttle also has an external fuel tank (ET).
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How the Shuttle gets into orbit.

The two solid rocket boosters and engines fire at the same time for more than two minutes. The engines continue firing for six minutes or more. Then the boosters fall off, this is called Jettisoned. The Space Craft accelerates, and when it gets between 150 to 300 miles away the crew can begin its mission.
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Launching and Landing pad.

The Space Shuttle is launched from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. When the shuttle returns, it renters the atmosphere and lands to a touchdown at Kennedy Space Center.
Space Shuttle Launch Audio - play LOUD (no music) HD 1080p

Names of Space Shuttles

Space Shuttles have been giving many different names. Such as The Columbia, The Challenger, The Discovery, The Atlantis and The Endeavour.