Technology Coaches Corner

Issue 4

9th Grade Students going krazy over Kahoot!

Many of the 9th Grade teachers at Arthur Hill High School are engaging students in learning through using Kahoot! Mr. Demongey has seen a large increase in student engagement after he started using which is an online tool teachers and students can use to learn or review or assess knowledge. Mr. Demongey said that students ask often when they are going to do Kahoot again. For those who have not used Kahoot, it is much like the trivia game at Buffalo Wild Wings that you can either make up your own quiz or use ones that are already made by others.

Block Coding In The Content Areas

Mrs. McFarland and Ms. Tuwaiq worked with Mrs. Kartz' class to complete a block coding lesson using Scratch. Mrs. Kartz then explained to her class how to use this program to create biome projects. Students were actively engaged with minds on, collaborating, and problem solving with each other to complete this lesson.
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