Alsafi ( Sigma Draconis )

A Star First Observed By Johann Bayer

Info: Color; Yellow/Orange now, white dwarf later. Current Mass;1.73E30 kg. Temp; 5,299 K. Luminosity; 0.428 ± 0.013

Constellation: Draco Light-Years From Earth: 18.77 Age: 4.7

Alsafi Life Cycle


A nebula is a cloud of gas and dust in space, where new stars are constantly being formed. Nebulas come in many different shapes and sizes. There are 4 different nebula: planetary nebula, reflection nebula, emission nebula, and absorption nebula.

2. Star

Luminous globe of gas producing its own heat and light.Made up from mostly of hydrogen and helium gas

3. Red Giant

Bright star with a cool surface. They are very bright because they are so large

4. White drawf

Very small, hot star, the last stage in the life cycle. White dwarfs are the shrunken remains of normal stars. White dwarfs cool and fade over several billion years.

5. Black hole

My star has finally died. It has taken the route of a black whole. Nothing can escape from it not even light. Formed from massive stars at the end of their lifetime.

Alsafi was said to be born 300 million years ago. The star is said to only live to 8.4 billion years. The star will die a black hole.

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