John Deere

By: Trevor Hemmersbach


John Deere was born in Rutland, Vermont, February 7, 1804 (Greenrun 1). John worked in a blacksmith shop after high school and he started to make plows. He first started making cast-iron plows and he found out that they do not work. He experimented on many different types of metal to find out what was the strongest. The company John Deere started out of just selling plows and then expanded to sell tractors and more.

Evolution of John Deere Equipment

Over the years the operation of tractors being made compared to the 1940s is unbelievable. From the first tractors to having one computer and that computer was the operator, to nowhere the new tractors will drive themselves and will send a text to you mechanic saying that there is something wrong with the machine.
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Models of Tractors

According to John Deere, the first two cylinder Model D tractor was first built in the 1920s (Carroll 1). Before this, tractors were steam- powered. Another tractor was a model A that was produced in 1934 and 1952 (Carroll 2). John Deere tractors were the most popular when they first started to produce them. The first diesel tractor was produced in 1949 and was a tagged the model R (Carroll 88). After this, John Deere started to use numerical designations.

Other Machinery

John Deere started out of just making steel plows. Over the years the company has gotten bigger and will continue to get bigger. Now the company makes just about everything that a farmer would need as in a tractor, chopper, bailers, wagons and many more.
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Producing a Combine

The John Deere company in Waterloo Iowa. This company is over 90 acres that are under a roof. If you do not know how big that it is about 68 football fields that is covered. This company is over 178 years old and will not be going anywhere any time soon.
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