The Vino2Go

The Vino2Go – A New Era In Wine On The Go

Few things in life satisfy a man’s soul like the first sip of a glass of red wine. Enjoyed by saints, sinners, and an entire moral gamut between, wine has been a mainstay in human culture for thousands of years. Because of its heritage, wine culture has developed and flourished, but one constant throughout the thousands of years of history is the usage of glass. Though elegant and classic in appearance, glass presents one major issue: its durability. Glass breaks easily, which when combined with the pristine motor skills inherent with drinking often ends in a sharp catastrophe. However, the drinking woes of the clumsy, inebriated, and on-the-go are now at end, as a new product has entered the market. The solution takes the form of a wine glass inside of a sturdy plastic tumbler with an easy to drink, Starbucks-style lid. Called Vino2Go, this wine sippy cup is a revolution in the mobile drinking field.

The Vino2Go cups hold approximately 10 oz of liquid, which wine connoisseurs will recognize as the typical measurement for traditional style wine glasses. The Vino2Go, the cup actually is made out a number of layers of plastic. This ensures that there is absolutely zero condensation, making for drier hands and an easier grip. The company compares its lid to that of a wine sippy cup, and the resemblance is easy to see. The lid locks on to the cup, guaranteeing not a single drop of precious vino will find its way on to your clothing, carpets, or children. In short, Vino2Go fulfills a need humankind has left void for a millennia: the need to drink without spilling. So whether festivals, concerts, boating, or even just relaxing is on your agenda for this summer, be sure to improve your wine drinking experience with Vino2Go. What are you waiting for? Order your Vino2Go wine sippy cup today!