Arrest to Verdict

By: Keyshawn Brown

Three Blind Mice

One day the Three Blind Mice were arrested for harassment (Serious Crime) for chasing the farmer's wife. They were charged with a felony in District Court which meant that it was a serious crime worthy of a painful or horrible punishment. The Three Blind Mice were soon given a preliminary hearing in front of the Grand Jury where they were told not to be present. The witness (farmers wife) said that she was harassed or chased by the Three Mice and she had their tails to prove that she had to defend herself. Soon after the Three Blind Mice were formally charged (Indictment) with the harassment of the farmers wife with a witness and video evidence to prove it. The case was then sent to the Superior Court and a pre-arraignment conference was held where the Three Blind Mice were notified of their indictment and the time, date, and place of the arraignment. Also, since the Three Mice were poor they had to get a public defender who would be their lawyer during this case. During the Arraignment the defendants (Mice) were called before court to reset their bail. This is also where the time and date of the case is placed on the court calendar. Afterwards a plea bargaining is held, but the mice don't want to settle the case with a plea bargain. The Petit Jury is selected and witnesses are summoned to court (if they don't show they are summoned by subpoena). Soon the trial begins where the Prosecution (brings the case) and the Defense ( one who the case is brought against) present their cases to the petit jury. The witnesses also must testify and swear not to commit perjury which is lying under oath. The Jury reaches the verdict (or the final decision) that the Three Mice were convicted (found Guilty) of harassment and the judge gives the sentence. The Three Mice were angry and appealed for their case to be tried at a lower level where the decision was upholded.