My Genius

My name is Samantha Anne McLaughlin, I am 18 years old and i think my genius is that I’m a very good people person. No matter if I know the person or not I am easy to get along with. I know how to be polite and make friends. I’m also a great dancer, It doesn't matter whether I know the dance before I see it.If I watch the dance video once, after that I can dance just like the people in the dance video. I love to dance no matter what time of day, if i can to survive on dancing I would. Everyone has told me that I’m a very good dancer and that I should open a dance studio.

My dream is to open my own dance studio or become a Marine Biologist. Once I’m out of high school, I’m going to get my degree in Marine Biology then after I get my degree I’m going to open my own dance studio and possibly work on that for a couple years while being a marine biologist. I would also love to work with the Giant Panda. All my life I’ve loved Pandas and one day I’m going to work with a Giant panda.