Hillary rodham Diane clinton

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Former United States Secretary of State


1. Born: October 26, 1947 (age 68), Chicago, IL

She was raised in Park Ridge, Illinois, a picturesque suburb located 15 miles northwest of downtown Chicago.

Hillary Rodham was the eldest daughter of Hugh Rodham, a prosperous fabric store owner, and Dorothy Emma Howell Rodham; she has two younger brothers, Hugh Jr. (born 1950) and Anthony (born 1954).

As a young woman, Hillary was active in young Republican groups and campaigned for Republican presidential nominee Barry Goldwater in 1964. She was inspired to work in some form of public service after hearing a speech in Chicago by the Reverend Martin Luther King Jr., and became a Democrat in 1968.

How she became a leader

Hillary Clinton wrote to NASA as a child inquiring how to become a astronauts NASA replied girls could not be astronauts

As a young student, Hillary organized food drives, served in student government, and was a member of the National Honor Society. She was a member of the local Methodist youth group, and was also a Girl Scout. As First Lady, she currently serves as honorary President of the Girls Scouts of America. Here, the First Lady is joined by girls from a local Girl Scout chapter as she tapes a public service announcement for the Girl Scouts.

Influencing Event

She participated in sports, such as swimming and baseball, and earned numerous awards as a Brownie and as a Girl Scout.She attended Maine East High School, where she participated in student council, the school newspaper, and was selected for National Honor Society.For her senior year, she was redistricted to Maine South High School, where she was a National Merit Finalist and graduated in the top five percent of her class of 1965. Her mother wanted her to have an independent, professional career,and her father, otherwise a traditionalist, felt that his daughter's abilities and opportunities should not be limited by gender.

Interesting Facts

  1. Hillary was the first woman elected to the New York senate. She was also the first woman to be made a full partner of Rose Law Firm.j
  2. Hillary won the TV quiz show College Bowl several times and landed in Life Magazine in 1969 after making headlines as the first student commencement speaker at Wellesley. While some older alumnae thought her “mild rebuke” of an earlier speaker was rude, she received a standing ovation lasting seven minutes.
  3. Hillary was among only 27 women in a class of 235 at Yale Law.
  4. Hillary and Bill were married in their living room on October 11, 1975 in a Methodist ceremony
  5. In 1997, Hillary won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for the audio of her book It Takes a Village.
  6. Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton, Former First Lady of the United States, was given the Humanitarian Award in 1994 for her advocacy on behalf of children and children's issues.
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