Frankenstein Chapter 20

Pragneya Sharma


  • The monster sees Victor destroy the creation of the female monster.
  • The monster threatens Victor saying that he will be with him during his wedding night.
  • Victor got a letter from Henry saying that they should travel.
  • Victor was leaving and threw the remains of the female monster into the water.
  • He was stuck there for a while and thought about himself dying, but ended up reaching shore.
  • A group of people told him that he is under suspicion for murder.

Character Development

Victor :
  • He works hard to make the monster and when it comes time to making another one, he has to reevaluate. He thinks twice and then destroys the female monster.
  • Was selfish, now thinks about how the monster will affect other people.
  • While he was stuck at sea, he panicked and was scared for his life. His fear was from dying, either by the hands of the monster or by the ocean.

Monster :

  • Sees Victor destroying the female monster.
  • Threatens Victor about being there on his wedding night.
  • Revengeful


  • Danger of knowledge : Victor is a really smart man and that comes to his disadvantage when he creates a monster and then decides to create another one. Thankfully, he decides to stop creating the female monster.
  • Guilt : Victor feels guilty about creating a monster who has created so much harm. He realizes that created a female monster will create even more of a disaster. He feels guilty and stops creating the monster.

Literary Techniques

  • The creation of the female monster would symbolize crime towards humanity and nature. But to the monster, she would symbolize hope for his happiness.
  • There is irony in this chapter. Victor wanted to find a way to create life, but ends up creating evil and destroying a life he's making.
  • "Yet still the words of the fiend rung in my ears like a death-knell" (Shelley 151), this is a simile comparing the threat by the monster and a death-knell (toiling of a bell to mark someone's death).


  • "I shall be with you on your wedding night" (Shelley 149), the monster says this to Victor and wants him to suffer the way he has. He wants him to feel lonely like he does.
  • "You are my creator, but I am your master;--obey!" (Shelley 149), the monster knows he has an upper hand against Victor. He knows he's strong and can kill Victor whenever he wants to; therefore, Victor will have to do whatever he tells him to, if he wants to live. (character development : who's the father who's the child?)
  • "I felt as if I was about the commission of a dreadful crime, and avoided with shuddering anxiety any encounter with my fellow-creatures." (Shelley 152), here, Victor fees guilty and cannot look at anyone without shame. He has done a dreadful crime; by creating a monster who is harmful to all humans.