True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

Author: Avi

Journal Entry

To my beloved ones back home,

The days on board the Seahawk are long and require hard-work, but so far everything at sea has been in decent condition. Nevertheless, the Captain of this ship causes a suspicion on my part- myself being in thought of just what are the true intents of Andrew Jaggery. The look in his eye, when further observed, prove to be dangerous and consists of eerie aspects. Rumors fly on board- one certain tale having frightening factors. Some say the captain beat a "Mr. Cranick" so horribly that he lost his arm and consequently his potential of being part of the work force aboard the Seahawk. This can't possibly be true though, right? Yes, the captain may have a vile side to him, but he wouldn't go to the extent of permanently damaging his own crew physically, right? Knowing me well, you must see this apparent doubt of my captain- a feeling the first mate should not have. I very much hope that these rumors are not true, but I will not live in ignorance. Somehow, I'll find out just who this man named Andrew Jaggery truly is- whether for better or for worse, I will uncover the truth.



General Outline:

The setting of this novel is at first in England during the nineteenth century, specifically 1832 being the date Charlotte's life-changing voyage began. During these times, many held a higher opinion of men over woman and thought of themselves better than other races or of a lower class due to their ethnicity. Planning to travel to America, a young miss gets on board the Seahawk and braves many disturbing events- these requiring a great amount of courage on Charlotte's part. Never had this thirteen year old girl thought she would be handling a knife or facing mutiny head on with determination beyond expectations. Desperately fighting for the changes necessary for all parties other than the villainous Captain Jaggery, Charlotte has to overcome multiple trials, resulting in an ultimate change in the course of her life- all while on board the Seahawk! The once destined-to-be proper lady transforms throughout the text- concluding this extraordinary book with an entirely different woman; one that is brave and strong-willed. Charlotte and the Seahawk's crew experienced an amazingly spectacular journey- yet this journey had only just begun.

The Life She Had & The Life She Now Faced

a suspenseful tale of realizing the truths you'd rather keep unknown

Going Against All Odds

Women are weak. Women are below men. Women are only meant to take care of life at home. Educating women is not needed. The life of a woman is frivolous and pointless.

Above are the thoughts of those in the 1800's- including the main idea that women have no true purpose in life. Nevertheless, Charlotte was once a woman that shared the same opinion, but she changed- proving that against all odds, no matter what people think or say, women can achieve great things and can truly influence the world and its successes.

The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle By: AVI