8 Animal Behaviors

By: Chyler Percival

Colorful Plumage

Animals use colorful plumage as protection and defense. Most of the time male animals are more colorful to scare of others, and females are less to blend into their habitat while are caring for their young. Other animals use it to make themselves look bigger.

The sun bittern raises his tail and spreads wings to reveal to dark spots that look like large eyes. This frightens predators and causes then to run away. It also can blend into the dry area of south America using its colors as camouflage.


Many male animals use dance to attract mates by impressing females with their talent. Other animals use it as a way to fight or scare off others.
The male peacock proves his territory the spreads his wings to show off his colors after luring the female he'll stamped and shiver in front of her as his dance.


Animals herd for protection and to be surrounded by others. It increases their life span too.
Not only does it make it hard to fight herds it also helps them find food.

Giraffes herd by forming a tight big group so the predator can not pick out just one. Since they are so tall and can not hide, being in a herd is essential to a giraffe.


Certain animals send off animals to attract a mate or do it when they are scared. Pheromones are a smell wave that animals and plants use to attract or run off others. Some release pheromones when they have been startled.

Honey bees queen is the only one that sends off pheromones. She sends them off to the male working bees so they can find their way back to the hive. She will also send them to males if she feels her hive is in danger.


Almost all animals use some form of vocalization. They'll use it to scare off predators or warn others of a predator. Animals will use it to attract mates which is called a mating call In herds they use it to communicate to one another. There are many ways animals use vocalization.

Wolves are known for their communication. Their loud howl can attract the attention of their pack alone. Some communal howls can be a territorial thing to other packs. Some howls are confrontational. They will also do it when another wolf is near.

Bio lluminescence

Certain animals need bio luminescence. Bio luminescence can protect animals and be used as a way to attract mates. Also as camouflage.

Jellyfish use their coloring and bio luminescence to blend into the ocean sea. Also to see in the dark better.

Gift presenting

Animals that gift present will usually do it to please a mate. They'll bring a stick or string or some kind of food or object. They also do it if they are proud of killing the prey.

Ravens will scavenge for food or other objects and present them to their mate or potential mate. They usually present the object when the female is making a nest.

Nest Building

Most birds birds build nests to protect their young. They use it as a place to keep their young while they are waiting for them to hatch. Also they use it as a home for their children.

Warbling Vireos make a hanging cup from a tree. Using many different materials that include animal hair, plant matter, cob web, lichen, and sometimes leaves. They usually make their nest hanging from a tree. The female most of the time chooses the location for the nest.