Andrew Jackson

King or President? ~ Avery Fischer ~ 2nd Period

Indian Removal Act

Georgia wanted Jackson to move the Indians to Oklahoma, but at first Jackson didn't want to, but then Georgia threatened to go to war. The Indians went to court and won because the supreme court said," This is your land and you've been here way longer than we have." Jackson didn't agree and did his own thing. He did his own thing. He did his own thing, so he wouldn't have to go to war with Georgia.

Spoils System

A practice in which a political party, after winning an election, gives government jobs to a supporter. To reward them for working toward victory. Also, to keep them working for Jackson. Even if he or she knows and has the experience of working there.

Nullification Crisis

Two tariffs were passed in 1828 and 1832. South Carolina wasn't very happy about the tax and threatened to stop paying taxes and to move out of the United States. But Andrew Jackson passed this bill called the Force Bill saying that South Carolina had to pay their tariffs. If they didn't he can call the army to them. South Carolina eventually paid the tax.

Jackson Political Cartoon

The artist of this photo is saying that is Jackson a King or a President? He has a veto bill in his hand saying that he can veto anything he hates. Andrew Jackson is steeping on the Constitution with it all torn up saying that he doesn't obey it.

Letter from The Cherokee

I can't even begin to believe that you are kicking us out of our own land after the supreme court told you that Georgia had no right to move us you do so anyway. After all we have done for you this is the way you treat us. You'd think that you would stand up to Georgia , but i guess your not as brave as everyone says you are. If we wanted to fight this we would, but it's not worth bloodshed for some land that we've lived on for years.

Letter from a Plantation Owner

Thank you so much Jackson for not listening to the supreme court on removing the Indians. It gave me more land to crop on which will make me a ton of more money. You are so brave to stand up against the supreme court and the Cherokees. I will be with you all the way through the end of your term as president.