Devil's Tower

Adele and Chelsea


Eastern plains of Wyoming


  • It was made a national monument on September, 24 1906
  • -1st National Monument
  • -Protected because 65 million years ago, molten lava was forced into existing hard rock formations.
  • -400,000 visitors a year, of those, 4,000 are climbers.
  • -Protection: Antiquities Act of 1906 allowed presidents to create national monuments. Also, it is very sacred to Native Americans and they do not want people climbing it.
  • -Attractions: people visit this monument to climb it and see it.

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What do Roosevelt's environmental policies reveal about the Progressive Era?

People were realizing the problems that were in the Gilded Age and were working to fix these problems. They fixed some of these problems by helping protect the environment. By doing this, more resources were protected, which would help preserve these resources for future generations.

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Every night at 11, the Devil himself comes out and kills anyone who wanders the premises.