44th Edition: September 22, 2017

Pilgrims on the Way of Truth

Twas the Weekend Before Homecoming...

...this is the part where we'd love to write "not a creature was stirring" but that's not quite true! Although, we do have to say - it was particularly mellow around here - but we suspect it was this extreme temperature spike we've experienced this week!

As we launch our Homecoming week, we always do so with our hearts full of prayer for our students. We pray that every day of school is a chance to celebrate and make lasting memories. We pray for our alumni as they reconnect through all their planned reunion activities. We pray for our teams as they begin the next competitive phase of their seasons. And, of course, we pray that our students have a safe Homecoming game (both PowderPuff and Football!) and dance! Speaking of - our preliminary Dance ticket sales are in and we have over 570 tickets sold! We are thrilled that our students come together to celebrate this wonderful event.

We know, too, that many of our students plan to attend neighboring schools' Homecoming events this weekend as well - so we hope they all have a wonderful time!

LOTS to celebrate and share with you this week - so please enjoy this week's Friday Focus. Many of these great advancements we are sharing below begin with a parent, student, or teacher inquiry or suggestion - so please know we APPRECIATE partnering with you all as we share our love and dedication for our dear school!

Oh, and speaking of appreciating our parents, recently we attended our Diocesan-wide leadership conference and this ABSOLUTELY SPOT-ON video was shared with us all. Parenting - and TEACHING - our children are the greatest jobs in the world. We hope you enjoy this little video: I'm Sorry, Mom (JourneyBox Video) Just a little something to bring a smile to your face, and know we are all in this together!

Week At-A-Glance: September 23 - 29, 2017

DAILY Mass is celebrated in the chapel at 2:40 pm - ALL ARE WELCOME!

Eucharistic Adoration or Confessions available during all lunch periods this week!

Good luck to our Golf teams as they compete this week in the ESCC Championship!

Sept. 25, 2017 (Mon)

  • 2:09 - 2:30 pm: Homecoming Pep Assembly in Landers Pavilion

Sept. 26, 2017 (Tues) -

  • 7:15 am: JUNIOR/ Principal Forum in Auditorium
  • 7:40 am: Rosary Prayers in Chapel
  • 4:30 pm: Boys JV/V Soccer vs Hampshire
  • 5:00 pm: Girls FA/S Volleyball vs St. Viator
  • 6:15 pm: Girls FB/V Volleyball vs St. Viator
  • 7:00 pm: Conversations that Matter Roundtable Discussions in Cafeteria

Sept. 27, 2017 (Wed): 10-minute Homeroom - Homecoming King/Queen Voting

  • 7:30 am: Student Council Meeting in Room 127
  • 4:30 pm: Girls JV/V olf vs Burlington at Boone Creek

Sept. 28, 2017 (Thurs):

  • 2nd Period: Aquinas College rep in Guidance
  • 8th Period: Judson University rep in Guidance
  • 4:30 pm: Boys JV/V Soccer vs Johnsburg
  • 5:00 pm: Girls FA/S Volleyball vs Glenbard West
  • 6:00 pm: Girls FB/V Volleyball vs Glenbard West
  • 7:30 pm: Homecoming PowderPuff Game

Sept. 29, 2017 (Fri): SPIRIT DRESS DOWN DAY!

  • 8:55 am: All School Mass
  • 8th Period: Iowa State University rep in Guidance
  • 5:00 pm: Boys F Football vs St. Viator
  • 7:30 pm: Boys V Football vs St. Viator

Check out our detailed Athletic Calendar for all practice times and "Away" games for this week!

TUESDAY, Sept. 26th at 7pm - Join us for Conversations that Matter: Understanding Substance Abuse

We will be hosting our FIRST Conversations that Matter round-table discussion this coming Tuesday, Sept. 26th at 7:00 pm in the MC Cafeteria. This event is open to the public - and we encourage parents, grandparents, and children to attend this free event. We will have professionals representing the medical, legal, and spiritual implications of many predominant forms of substance abuse (alcohol, drugs, nicotine/vaping, etc.) that our students face.

Linked here, please find the official invite, as well as biographies of the professional speakers who will be presenting at this FREE event! RSVP is preferred, so we may best gauge our audience-size (and order refreshments to have on hand!) Fr. Carl Beekman will also be joining us this evening to discuss the spiritual aspect of working with students to help keep them safe!

Please help spread the word about this event, and come show solidarity in providing a SAFE and HEALTHY school community!

Hold On To Your Hats! It's HOMECOMING WEEK!

All week, all four grade levels will be competing for Spirit Points. This year, we wanted to give that a deeper meeting! Not only will grades compete in the traditional ways, through hall decorations and costume contests, but they will also be able to earn Spirit points with a school-wide food drive! We hope that our students understand that SCHOOL SPIRIT at Marian Central truly is intent on including the faith-filled spirit that we all hold dear to us.

Please help support our students in this endeavor by purchasing a few additional pantry items, and sending them in with your students. We will be collecting them every morning in room Room 231!

Here's a quick look at the week. For more detail, please click on the Facts Sheet linked below!

  • Monday: All school Pep Assembly
  • Wednesday: Seniors will vote for their Prom King and Queen
  • Thursday: Powder Puff Game; 7:30 pm - The “Powder Puff” football game between the junior and senior girls begins at 7:30 p.m. at the football field. Admission is free with a canned food item; otherwise there is a $2.00 charge per person. All donations will go to the McHenry County Food Pantry.
  • Friday: The day will begin with an All School Mass at 8:55 a.m. Marian’s Homecoming Football games against St. Viator will be at 5:00 pm (sophomore game) and 7:30 pm (varsity game). Our Homecoming King and Queen will be crowned between the games and Hall of Fame Inductions will be presented during half-time of the Varsity game.
  • Saturday: Homecoming Dance at Marian Central from 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm.

Homecoming 2017 Facts Sheet! (This includes costume theme days!)

A NOTE ABOUT COSTUME THEME DAYS: Please respect the beliefs of our school when selecting costumes. We relax our dress codes for our students to have a great time, dressing up for each themed day and earning spirit points for their classes. However, please remind your students to be mindful of their costume selections. We celebrate our beautiful, diverse world - and all of God's children - so please make sure that costumes are respectful of world cultures. Also, as with any Catholic school, please make sure that students cover themselves appropriately. We understand wanting that Tinkerbell skirt or Tarzan costume to be authentic - but please find a respectable way to incorporate modesty.

If students do not wish to participate in the theme days, they are required to wear their Marian uniform. Thank you for your support!

Bring Your Grill and Enjoy Some Tailgating Prior to Marian Home Games!

We've had a few inquiries from parents regarding family tailgating prior to home games, which we happily discussed here at the last Administrative Team meeting. We checked to see if there were any IHSA rules about it, and we found none that would prevent us from bringing this time-honored tradition to our wonderful school!

Here are the details:

  • ANY sport is welcome to "tailgate" prior to a home game. Please just email our Athletic Director, Curtis Price ( or our Assistant Principal, Cheryl Loy ( at least three business-days in advance so we can coordinate with our Maintenance crew to provide adequate, safe trash and hot-coals disposal.
  • In anticipation of our home football games, we will automatically have the necessary trash/coals disposal ready to go, and will designate the FACULTY PARKING LOT area for this purpose! (Lot next to the Annex/chapel)
  • pre-Football tailgating will be allowed from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm, and spaces will be available "first-come, first-served." Space, as you know, is limited ESPECIALLY FOR THE HOMECOMING GAME - so please consider keeping it simple (hold off on bringing the expandable RV!) Bring your tables, grills, and chairs!
  • We are a completely SMOKE-FREE and ALCOHOL-FREE campus - so please refrain from smoking or drinking on school property. (Your BBQ grills may smoke all they want though! )
  • Please CLEAN UP after yourself! We do not want to create more work for our dedicated Maintenance crew, nor do we want to litter our property - especially over near our beloved chapel and memorial garden. Let's make sure our traditions remain positive and joyful!
  • Speaking of space for the Homecoming Game: we plan to have the Field of Dreams parking lot available for overflow parking! Also, once Tailgating ends at 7:00 pm, please make as much parking space available as possible to accommodate our huge Hurricane Nation!

We are excited to bring this wonderful tradition to our school, and enrich the sense of community and school spirit!

Marian US Government Course to Become Dual Credit!

After collaborating with McHenry County College, Marian Central Catholic High School has been approved to provide Dual Credit (both Marian Central high school credit and McHenry County College credit) for all of our senior students enrolled in the regular US Government classes. (This does NOT include the AP Government classes) This opportunity is offered at no additional cost to our families! At this time, this is the only Dual Credit option at Marian Central. We are using this as a pilot year as we identify which additional classes we might be able to offer the Dual Credit option for in the 2018-19 school year.

Here are a couple important facts:

  • Although we did not get the approval until this week, it was agreed between MCC and Marian that the students already enrolled for our first semester US Government class will receive this opportunity retroactive to the beginning of the school year. Dr. Pinnau has already shared this information with his current students and have guided them through the registration process. Once second semester students begin the class here at Marian, Dr. Pinnau will also guide those students through the process at that time.
  • What are the grade requirements and how much college credit is received? If the student receives a D or better in this class at Marian, the student will not only receive Marian high school credit, but they will also receive 3 credit hours at the college level with MCC. NOTE: If a student earns a D, although their transcripts for both Marian and MCC will reflect that they have "passed" the class, most colleges will not accept transfer credits from colleges on courses that are below a C. So as Marian always encourages, it is much more valuable for the student to earn a C or better, not only for their GPA at Marian, but also to ensure that the college credit is, in fact transferable to most colleges.
  • Do we need to take a final? All Dual Credit courses will require that the student take a final exam. This means that NO Dual Credit Courses will qualify for the new senior second semester final exam exemption.
  • Marian Central services mostly students McHenry County, however there are some students who live in surrounding counties. We have worked it out with MCC to allow ALL Marian Students, even if they reside in a county other than McHenry, to receive the same option, still with no additional cost. The only difference is that the students outside of McHenry County would need to register on paper rather than online and require signatures by student, parent, and a Marian representative.
  • Is it really at no cost? Yes! McHenry County College realizes that there are many benefits to partnerships such as this with the neighboring high schools. Therefore, upon successful completion of the class here are Marian, the student will also receive college credit. When the time comes that the student needs to send transcripts to perspective colleges, don't forget to also request their transcript at MCC.
  • How is it determined which Dual Credit courses might be offered at Marian in the future? In order for a high school teacher to be approved to teach a Dual Credit Course, there are certain credentials that the teacher is required to have. We are working to identify those teachers, and thus, which courses, we might be able to offer in the future based on the teachers' degrees and experiences coupled with the specific requirements MCC has imposed.

We are very excited to continue to identify ways in which we can enrich our students' experience here at Marian Central, including providing them additional avenues in which they can achieve their academic goals.

If you have any questions with regards to the US Government Dual Credit program, feel free to reach out to the instructor, Dr. Pinnau at or Ms. Novy at

FREE Practice ACT Test Sessions Offered At Marian Central!

We still have seats available for this FREE Practice ACT Testing session! Sign up by printing out the form linked below!

This October, the Marian Central Catholic H. S. Library is offering an opportunity for Juniors to take a complete practice ACT test, spread out over two after-school sessions. The testing will take place on October 3rd (2:30 - 5:00) and October 4th (2:30 - 4:00). These are official practice tests from ACT, and students will receive scaled scores for each test section and subsection. This is an opportunity for Marian students to get an idea of the types of questions they will be seeing on the real test. They will also experience the ACT testing environment, complete with proctored instructions, ACT rules, and more than one test in one sitting. Test seating is limited to the first 25 students to register. If you are interested, please print the form linked below, complete the signature block, and return it to the Marian library no later than September 29th. You will be notified by e-mail once your form has been received. Watch the Marian website for information on the number of seats available.

Practice ACT Test Registration

Additional practice ACT tests will be offered in January and March, open to both Sophomores and Juniors.

Time to Register for WINTER SPORTS!

Online registration for all WINTER SPORTS is now available! Please make sure that you have completed all the necessary paperwork PRIOR to the beginning of the season!

*On-line Registration and Physical required for * noted sports on the table below.

Please mail, fax or drop your physical forms to the AD Office before registration deadline. Failure to register and provide a physical will result in student-athletes not being able tryout/participate on the start date of their sport.

  • On-line registration is located on the Marian Central Catholic Athletic site under the registration tab.

  • Athletic Director Office direct fax: 815-338-5883

  • If you have any questions please contact:

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MCCHS Students Raised $670 for Hurricane Relief!

We are honored to be able to present the NCEA Student-to-Student Hurricane Relief fund a check for $670, raised by our students to directly help support Catholic schools affected by the recent hurricanes! Thank you to all of our students and families for contributing!
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Lands End HUGE 40% off SALE!!!!

Check this out! Lands' End just notified us that they will be running their annual Friends & Family 40% off promotion that starts Thursday, September 21 and is valid through Tuesday, September 26!


PIN: 4911

We realize with the 90+ degree weather, no one is thinking about purchasing the uniform fleeces for the colder months ahead - but this could really be a great opportunity to add to your uniform wardrobe! Or - use this opportunity to stock up on uniform shorts!

2016-2017 Yearbook Distribution a Success!

If you did NOT receive a 2016-2017 Yearbook and think you ordered one last year, please complete a Yearbook Order Inquiry form (available in school office) and submit your FULL NAME and 3rd Hour room # to Miss Gallagher in room 127 by September 29th! The Yearbook staff will double-check payment records and respond back to you promptly!

If you are interested in purchasing a 2016-2017 yearbook, we will be offering surplus sales starting in October.


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Help Take Marian to New Heights!

MARIAN CENTRAL CATHOLIC POSTERS are available. Please consider showing your Hurricane Pride by displaying our posters in your place of business. They are available for pick up in the main office. We also would love to know where you will be posting them. We'd love to cover the county! Questions can be directed to Mike Maloney in the Admissions Office, 815-338-4220 ext. 108.

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