The Fish and The Fisherman

By Kate Tucker

The Fish and the Fisherman

Once a fish was swimming freely in the ocean. "What fun!" the fish cries out. This fish wasn't paying attention to anything going on that day. But this was a bad day to be swimming freely about, today was the day the fisherman were coming. The fish had forgotten that this was that day and kept swimming freely about. The fisherman's boat came to a stop right around the fish. The fish was being so careless that he ran right into the hook and found himself caught. He was pulled out of the water onto the boat. He was struggling to get free but he only made it worse. "Let me free! Let me free!" the fish yells, but it's to late, the boat began to head back for the land. He knew then that he should be more cautious of his surroundings.

Theme: Be cautious of your surroundings or else you might find yourself in danger.