Teens in the 1940's

by Alli Schwartz

Teen's Perspective

As a teen living in the 1940's, I feel that conformity is all present in all aspects of my life. In school, there are certain examples such as dress, the activities you do, and the people you're seen with. This puts pressure on students to be like the rest of your peers, simply so that their part of the student body, and don't get left behind as an outsider. For some people, fitting into this mold can be impossible. This can be due to the resources that are available to them, (i.e. money) and exposure to other conformists. It makes me somewhat frustrated and disappointed with the society we live in, because this limits people to reach their full potential as individuals. Conformity can be a positive thing, in certain aspects of life, like government, manners, common sense, etc. On the other hand, when social conformity is present, the conformists could potentially remove social diversity from our society altogether.