Our Dystopia

Sam Rodriguez, Gelanie Sanchez, Skylar Roach, Ashley Park

the backstory

All leaders in the world came together and decided to separate towns by music genre because they saw how much music affected culture and the way people lived. This way things like racism would be avoided and society would live in harmony. People with the same music taste tend to have similar taste in clothing, hair styles and etc....but before all this there was a war… people started disagreeing on things, clothes companies stop selling specific clothes and radios stopped playing other music. People were bullied about having specific music taste sometimes to the extreme. People took sides and a tragic war began. It was no longer about different music, it was about different people.


students will be permitted to lean every single instrument that proclaims to their genre of music and it is also mandatory that they know how to sing and can answer maximum 50 questions all correct on their genre


The alternative genre specializes in healthcare. They believe everyone should be healthy. There are nurses and doctors at every hospital and there is a hospital in all the towns.


blind and deaf people have the hardest jobs and the most unwanted jobs. being a singer is the hardest and you have to learn all the instruments and have to be a very talented singer and dancer and have to take a test with more than 150 questions


They listen to music. In rap town they have rap battles with friends in metal town people vandalize buildings. In alternative they form bands and practice together. In pop town they dance.




On July 5th 2120 Mario wakes up to eat waffles &syrup & bacon like always . He goes outside to shower in the public showers.He hears the demon queen calling the community down to the main center"this is the demon queen speaking you all better get Ur butts down to the main center before I send my patrols down....thank you and i hope you have fun" . Every year on the 5th of July the whole community gets together and celebrates in the birth of music. This is the only day when we don't have to go to school or clean up after the richer people we are all equal this day ....best day ever.So as soon as I heard the announcement I went to my room and got dressed really quick,I wore my baggy black sweats with my white plain t shirt with my black and white Jordan's. I ran to the line to the train I wanted to be the first one there so I can see my homie and his sis and also the most beautiful girl in the world ahhh Charlie her beauty is just soo dope .This was the day we planned on leaving musicola. The ride to the main center was 5 hours. It's always so awkward on the train last time I was on I had to sit on someone's lap and they had a disease thank the lords that I didn't get sick....this time a women put her dogs on me it was dirty with dirt and water. We finally got there around 12:30. "My homie ain't here yet where is he we have to..."I yelled "you have to what"the governor interrupted. Omg I'm almost got caught I can't die now I'm too young I'm only 14!"uhhh....we have to have fun and have a good day"I said scared."Hmmm okay " the governor said while she walked away. After the governor left I saw the k-pop bus come on that's Carly's bus I couldn't seem to find her.This random girl came up to me "hey Mario" her voice was familiar "uhh who are you"I asked. "DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO I AM!?!?" She screamed."Carly??" " duhh omg how many k-pop girls do you even know.....Oh Look it's spencer!!! HEYYY SPENCERRR!!!!". How did I not know that was Carly she is way to perky. " Wasupppp boii" I said as I high fived him."Hey so...when are we gonna leave?" He asked me.
I responded "after the traditional dances".As the time went by we ate have fun met people but, I still haven't found Charlie. Where is she? We have to get ready so we can leave with no stops. I might just have to look for her after the dances. "Time for our dances!" The governor announced.First went r&b,than k-pop,after alternatives, finally rock. "Dude lets go I have the food and drinks , Carly has the clothes LETS GOOOO!"Spencer Hollered at me. "HOLD ON DUDE I CANT FIND CHARLIE" I yelled back. "Forget her looks like she doesn't wanna come anyway" he said, so I ran to him and helped with the food. We've only been walking for like 2 hours and all of a sudden Carly falls down to the floor with a arrow threw her heart and then fell spencer. I turned around only to see Charlie with the queen , the patrols and a bow & arrow . "Oh look it's bedtime"Charlie said everything went dark from there.....