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Week of January 25, 2016

Highlights From Our Week!


  • Our story selection this week was entitled Schools Around the World. We learned about different types of schools that children go to and how many schools are much different than our own.
  • We discussed Author's Purpose for writing stories. This week's selections in both our main story as well as our guided reading stories were all non-fiction stories, thus the author's purpose was to inform us.
  • We learned about dictionary entry words and all the different features you see in a dictionary. The two main uses for a dictionary is to define word meanings and to properly spell a word.


  • During Writers' Workshop, we learned to include definitions in our chapters to help the reader understand our information topic.
  • We learned about similes and how they can make your writing more interesting. Stay tuned for similes in our Information Books.


  • We began Unit 5 in Math learning more about money. We learned how to make change as well as how to purchase items using exact change only.
  • We played Money Math games during center time to reinforce our money skills.

Social Studies

  • Our Social Studies Unit this week focused on community leaders. We learned the reasons that we have leaders to help our community. We will continue to learn more about elections, government leaders, and laws.
  • As a class, we held an election and placed votes for candidates that support our ideas ~ Should we play kickball or basketball during recess? 3 Candidates supported kickball and 3 candidates supported basketball. Each student placed a confidential ballot voting for up to 3 candidates. Only the top three candidates would win the election. The final results: 2 candidates for basketball and 1 candidate for kickball won.

Other Activities

  • We made decorations for the Book Fair door decorating project. The theme this year is the 70's so we wrote our favorite book title on a bright flower, glued it onto a tie-died paper. Our class room motto "Peace, Love, and Read On!" looks great displayed with our flower power favorite book choices. Be sure to stop by and check out our door during next week's Book Fair.
  • We created snowflakes using Q-tips and they are displayed on our front bulletin board.
  • During Daily 5 Work on Writing some of the students wrote reports for this week's 2MU News ... Be sure to read what our reporters had to say!

Math ~ Money Games during Centers

Reading~ Daily 5 Activities

Here's the Scoop ~ 2MU Reporters

By. Adam

This week in school I played beat the calculator with Daniel, Jayden, and myself. I was brain Jaydan was dealer Daniel was calculator I beat Daniel by a lot. We played 5 rounds. We kept switching of jobs it was so FUN.

In reading we read Schools Around the World. We learned that some schools can be large or very small. We walk or drive to school but some students take a bus, a train, or even a boat. Some kids wear uniforms. In some schools, the children have chores to do like cooking, cleaning and serving lunch. Some kids learn at home. In every school kids are listening and learning.

Jaxon Schaeffer

Social Studies By Dan H.

In social studies we are learning about communities and community leaders.

And we have been learning about the jobs in the community to help the community.

I think this is history and I hope you think so too J



I want to report to you what we learned about this week in school. we learned about owls. Did you know that the spotted owl lives in the forest and eats rats, bats, squirrels, mice and other small mammels.

Q-Tip Snowflake Creations

Book Fair Door Decoration ~ Peace, Love, and Read On!

Star Student of the Week~ Brody Leonard

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