President Andrew Jackson

Zero or Hero? Definitely a Zero

The Trail of Tears

Jackson had many reasons why he was a "zero", but not caring about other people's life's is the worst in my opinion. During the Indian Removal Act when the Indians were suppose to "exchange" lands, they didn't get what they were promised, but Jackson signed it into law anyway. The Cherokee's had to move out and thousands of them died, because of cold and hot conditions, starvation, and sickness. And this all happened because all Jackson wanted was their gold and fertile soil of their land.

Jackson as King

Jackson was becoming a dictator. He did whatever he wanted and vetoed whatever he wanted. Jackson literally ignored the Constitution and was willing to do anything to get his way. He changed from "the common man" to almost king. Even though he didn't support a national bank, which was a good thing, he still abuses his power. He even ignored the court case Worcester vs. Georgia.

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Spoils System

I think Andrew Jackson was wrong for using the spoils system with no intelligence to think about who he should pick for his cabinet. Well the Spoils System is rewarding someone with a government position/job, and Jackson didn't make the best decisions like Washington did. Jackson just picked all his friends that knew nothing about the government, which was clearly a bad decision.

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Political Cartoon

This picture shows that he thinks he's better than everyone. And that if anyone tries to tell him how to do his job, he executes them, as you can tell from the person he just killed in the background of the cartoon.

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The Trail of Tears: They Knew It Was Wrong