7/8 Grade Library

September 28, 2015

Please support our Scholastic Book Fair going on Monday-Friday. All BMS teachers receive a $5 discount.

Students are scheduled to come to the Book Fair Monday-Thursday with their English class. However, on Friday, we are open for anyone that has money. Please allow students to come if they have money to spend. Mrs. Wood and I will close the fair right after lunch.

You will see an option to update the operating system on your computer this week. Ignore it! Do not update to El Capitan until ITD gives us the ok to do so.

Here are a few virtual simulations that could be integrated into your curriculum:

  • Kidwings is an online site that allows students to do virtual dissections of owls and other birds.
  • Atlantis Remixed gives students the opportunity to explore 3D environments as they accomplish educational tasks.
  • Game for Science is a free virtual science laboratory.
  • iCivics simulates government operations such as elections and county management.