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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ November 5

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Lakeview's Mission:

The mission of Lakeview Elementary is to ensure each and every learner GROWS the knowledge and skills essential to achieving their full potential.

Lakeview's Vision:

We will create a school where each and every learner will thrive in welcoming and inclusive learning communities.

Lakeview's Values:

• We value strong relationships between students, staff, and families.

• We value being responsive to student academic and social-emotional needs.

• We value staff collaboration that supports shared goals and actions for student success.

Food Drive

Hello Lakeview Families!

Student Council’s annual Fall Food Drive starts next week! This is part of a district-wide food drive that is held every year. It will run from Monday, November 8th through Friday November 12th. The classroom that brings the most non-perishable food items will earn an ice cream party! Here’s how you can help:

Macaroni Monday (such as mac & cheese, pasta, pasta sauce, SpaghettiOs)

Taco Tuesday (taco shells, taco seasoning, salsa, tortilla chips)

Wash Up Wednesday (unopened hygiene products such as soap, shampoo, shaving cream, body wash)

Toast-it Thursday (Pop-tarts, non-perishable microwave meals such as instant rice)

Free For All Friday (any canned goods)

Any items are welcome any day of the week, but extra points will be earned for items brought in that match the theme of the day. The food will be donated to South Milwaukee Human Concerns.

If you can’t get to the grocery store, there is another way to help: you can donate to the GoFundMe that is setup for this event. The money raised through the GoFundMe page will be used to purchase additional food items. Find the page at:

Thank you for considering a donation to support our community!

Lakeview Student Council

Vaccine Clinic - Ages 5-18

The South Milwaukee/St. Francis Health Department, in conjunction with the Oak Creek and Cudahy Health Departments, will be offering a Pfizer first dose vaccine clinic at Rawson Elementary School, located at 1410 Rawson Ave. on November 8th from 3:30-6:30 PM, for students that are aged 5-18. Please enter Rawson School through Door #4 which is located near the gym. Parking is available in front of the school or on the side of the school.

All individuals aged 5 and older are now eligible for COVID-19 vaccination and those 5-18 are able to register for this clinic. Please note: while the Pfizer vaccine has been approved by the FDA and the CDC, we are still waiting on approval from the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. We anticipate that we will have this approval by the date of this clinic; however, if we do not, the clinic will need to be rescheduled.

We have created an online registration to schedule vaccine appointments. Appointments will be filled in the order that individuals sign up. These clinics are for first doses of COVID-19 vaccine for those aged 5-18; no booster doses will be given at these clinics.

After registering, you will see a confirmation screen with your appointment information. Please do not sign up for more than one appointment per person.

Please click here to schedule an appointment for the clinic:

All individuals will receive the Pfizer vaccine at this clinic. Everyone who receives a first dose of vaccine at this clinic will need to receive a second dose of this vaccine on or after November 29th, 2021. This will be at Rawson Elementary School from 3:30-6:30 PM. You will be able to register for your second dose appointment after you receive your first one.

Holiday Help

If you are looking for help with the upcoming holiday season, please click this link for more information about how the School District of South Milwaukee might be able to help. We care about our families in so many ways!

Covid Reminder

Please remember that when your child is in Isolation/Quarantine due to our district safety protocols, your child is not allowed on school property or in our school buildings for any reason. This includes after school activities, athletic events, or on school playgrounds. Thank you for your understanding.

This Week's Golden Lions!

There were 31 Golden Lions awarded to students this week. Here are the descriptions for each of those Golden Lions. Our students demonstrate GREAT character at Lakeview!

• Antonella did her final narrative writing prompt independently, retelling her moment bit by bit, and she stretched out many words she used so that she could hear all of the sounds in the words as she wrote her story. I'm so proud of you Antonella-keep up the great work!

• Last week during Math, another student did not have a group to work with. When that student asked Jayden to work in his group, Jayden said, "You bet, buddy!" and welcomed him in. What a great example of what it is like to be a kind and caring classmate!

• Last week in Math, we were working on volume. Mallory always has great ideas, but rarely shares. On this day, she put her hand up and shared an answer when I called on her. Thanks for being brave, Mal!

• In our non-fiction unit, we are focusing on writing strong summaries. Myla has really engaged in this work and is growing by leaps and bounds! Keep up the great work, Myla!

• [Name] recently worked through a frustrating situation. He reflected on what made him upset and thought about what he could do next time. You are growing so much each day and I am so proud of you!

• Ravyn did an all around awesome job last week and did all of her work too. Ravyn ~ your teacher and classmates are so proud of you!

• Kiyus always cleans up the classroom without being asked.

• Leah tries her best even when the work is challenging.

• Brady is always working hard no matter what we are doing. He asks questions when he is confused and participates in our mini-lessons by offering ideas. Thanks for always being someone I can count on to be a role model for others! Keep up the great work, Brady!

• Delloyd remembered to check the picture to help him solve a word he didn't know. Then figured out the word on his own!

• Nathan remembered to check the picture to help him solve a word he didn't know. Then figured out the word on his own!

• Maddie worked hard to learn 3 sounds she didn't know.

• Emilio worked hard to show much improvement in letter and sound recognition!

• During Phonics while we were studying new snap words, Addie reminded the class how to label words by using the C and V initials for consonants and vowels. No one else had thought to mention this concept, which we had learned weeks ago.

• Caleb persevered through spelling a long word in his how-to story. He wanted to write the word sandwich. Caleb used what he knew about letters sounds, the snap word “and” and the digraph "ch". Way to go Caleb!

• Braxton has shown respect by always being the first person to help in any situation. Thank you for your kindness!

• Delloyd has been working hard to show much improvement in letter and sound recognition!

• Karleigh very thoughtfully brought her Halloween candy to share with her classmates. She evenly divided them into individual bags so it was fair for everyone. Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

• Aiden noticed why shapes that don’t look alike could be sorted into the same group and told us about the attributes they shared.

• Vivvy noticed why shapes that don’t look alike could be sorted into the same group and told us about the attributes they shared.

• Ryan has been more engaged in his writing activities. He has shown courage by taking risks as a writer and sounding out words. Congratulations on being an author! We are all proud of you!

• Mia has shown improvement in her letter recognition skills.

• David had an amazing day in Art class! He was engaged during each part of class: he drew in his sketchbook, shared his ideas about artwork with the class, and worked hard to add color to his Model Magic clay. He also shared tools with his table partner and had a positive attitude. Keep it up, David!

• A student slipped and fell while holding her breakfast garbage. Emma went to ask her if she was OK and then got paper towels to clean up the mess. That was kind of you Emma!

• A student slipped and fell while holding her breakfast garbage. Jacob was concerned about the other student and asked her if she was OK. That was a kind and respectful question. Thanks Jacob!

• Blake was focused throughout Art class on finishing his collage. He worked hard, used tools safely, and put away all tools when it was time to clean up. Keep up the great work, Blake!

• James was engaged in creating his Leaf Person throughout Art class. He worked hard! James was also safe with his tools and with his body, staying at his table spot and sitting safely on his chair. Keep it up the great work, James!

• Logan stayed at his seat during Art class, followed instructions, and worked hard to create his Leaf Person sculpture. Keep up the great work, Logan!

• RJ is really great about helping other students in a respectful way during music! Keep up the good work!

• Caleb has been working so hard these last few weeks to make sense of a new math strategy for multiplying large numbers. It has not been easy, but he has continued to work hard and have a positive attitude. Today he finally had a "light bulb" moment and the strategy is starting to make sense. Thanks for being willing to persist even when it's been difficult!

• At the end of the day, Evan stayed behind to pick up some things that were left on our floor from our reading and writing celebrations. Although none of the items belonged to him, he took the time to take care of our classroom. Thanks for being so thoughtful, Evan!

Roar Awards!

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.