Emily Stewart

Acrostic Poem

Elegant to see

Marvelous to know

Impressive to succeed

Loving and shy

Young & free


Color poem

Blue is the color of the ocean

Blue is the color of the Panthers team

Blue smells like my grandmothers flowers

Blue tastes like blueberry wall full

Blue sounds like my favorite speaker

Blue looks like my old tee shirt

Blue feels like my soft blanket

Blue makes me feel calm

Blue is the color that makes me feel calm


(the second poem down)

Makes me think of

Journey makes me think of friends

Friends makes me think of family

Family makes me think of life

Life makes me think of limit

Limit makes me think of time

Time makes me think of precious

Precious makes me think of Journey



Ode to my mom

Mom you make my day a little easier

You make my rainy days fun and a summer day funnier

You make my every mile a little easier

Mom you are so nice to make my every meal

Also you help me study for every little test

Also you help on homework and every project

Thank you Mom I love you



There once was a toy

Who wanted a boy

Then the store closed

He sat in clothes

The next day and net thing you know he was bought by an employe



I am an airplane

I fly around

Rainy or cloudy i run through the sky

I like helping people getting where the need

I feel the air on my wings

Also I meet new people everyday

I am an airplane


Cinquin peom




will love you




Soaring like the wind

And roaring like a tiger

But so lifted



My eyes are green as grass on a sunny day

My attitude is like a bright light in a dark room

My courage is like a fish swimming up stream

My energy is like a fire burning

My messy hair is like a tumble weed.

My poem is like a cub without its mother

I am a ocean wave in the summer

I am the world



My Brother is so cute

My brother is so cute

He is so cute he's cuter than a puppy

You can't tell him no with a certain that face he gives you

He is cuter than anything you could buy

He will stop you from saying your sentence

He will take your breathe away

Its cute to see him mad he looks like a teddy bear

Its cute to see him smile because its like a kittie