Battle of Stalingrad



The battle was fought in Stalingrad, Russia. The streets were narrow and the buildings were nothing but piles of ruble. The Germans plan was to take over a oil field near Stalingrad. In Stalingrad the winters are very harsh to people who aren't used to that kind of weather and the Russians used that to their advantage. Stalingrad is located near a river named Volga on the map.

The Battle

The battle was fought in between the years of 1942 to 1943. The battle was between the Soviet Union (Russia) and The Nazis (Germany) because Germany wanted The oil fields in Caucasus and to get them they had to take Stalingrad. Also Hitler wanted it to be taken over because the town was named after Stalin. The goals for the Germans were to take over the city and then take the oil fields because that was the Soviet Unions main source of oil to fuel their war machines. The goal for the Soviet Union was to push the Germans back out of Russia. The Germans strategy was to make a wall and push forward and when the wall broke fill the whole with more soldiers. Until they had the town and the oil fields. To cut of the supply of oil to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Unions strategy was to fall back and let the harsh cold kill the Germans and take down their supply planes until they are weak and they can take them easily or they fall back into Germany. The main outcome of this battle was that the town of Stalingrad was destroyed. The Germans would not fight another battle in Russia and it gave hope to the Russians because they knew that they could now win the war.

Generals and Impact

General Friedrich Paulus.worked for Hitler and the Long Impact was that Germany would no longer move into Russia