George Eastman's Kodak Camera

Research By: Dakota and Emma

George Eastman's life

George Eastman was born on July 12th 1854 in Waterville New York. He was the youngest of three children. At age 14 he droped out of school. Then he aquired many odd jobs before going into the photography buisness.

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George Eastman's slogan ... You press the button we do the rest

Timeline of events

-1888 The Kodak camera was invented and the name was trademarked

-1900 Kodak released the brownie camera

-1919 Eastman becomes President of the company after Strong's death

-1925 George handed the company over to William Stuber

-1932 He commited sucide. His sucide note read my work is done- why wait?

-1942 Color film is invented

The building the Kodak company was in

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The Kodak Camera

The Kodak camera was invernted in 1888 in Rochester, New York. He was going on a trip and his friends told him to buy a camera. He didnt know that it was so much work to buy and learn how to use a camera. In the end he cancelled his trip and quit his job to go into the photography business. He created a simple box camera. His camera used dry transparent, flexiable, photographic film instead of glass plates. After the roll of film was used it was sent back to the Kodak company. Then they used a chemical that George invented to cover the film that made it easier to develop. He named his company Kodak because his favorite letter was K.

The first Kodak camera

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