June News

Mme Constant's class

I can't believe it's June!

It's crazy to think that it is already June! I have had such a wonderful year with the kids and I am really looking forward to our last month together. We have so many fun activities and field trips planned for June so be sure to take a look at the calendar at the bottom of the newsletter. Feel free to come along if you're free!

Take a look at what we will be doing for the last month of Grade 3:

In French, we are currently working on a letter for the grade 2s. As a way to connect with younger students in the school and to alleviate some anxiety for them, the Grade 3s are using their letter writing skills and to share an inside look of what to expect in Grade 3. The final projects will be up and available to read on Fresh Grade within the next few weeks.

In English, we are tying in some science! As we are anxiously awaiting our Painted Lady caterpillars the students are reading and learning about butterflies. There are so many varieties! Our final writing assignment is a butterfly report. Don't forget to check out your child's Fresh Grade account to see the fun we had with our script writing. I recorded each groups' play for you to see.

June is a great month in math. We are currently wrapping up our geometry unit and will go back to review adding and subtracting to 1000. Please let me know if you'd like me to put together a "home work" or summer package if you're interested in working on your child's math skills over the summer.

In Science, we are currently wrapping up the Rocks and Minerals unit. We are so excited to welcome some new guests into our classroom very soon; Painted Lady caterpillars! We will have the wonderful experience of observing the butterfly life cycle.

Finally, in Social Studies we are finishing up our cities and moving on to our final unit which is decision making within a community. We will discuss the importance of cooperating, sharing, giving back and living together peacefully.

Field Trips

The Abbey Center and the Collicutt Field trip letters were sent home on Thursday. Both of these field trips are up and available on School Cash. If you didn't receive these permission forms, please let me know and I will gladly send home another copy.

There will be two more local field trips for our class. The hot dog lunch is being provided by the Fafard family on June 16th and we will also be heading to get slushies (my treat) the folloowing week. These field trip forms will be sent home early next week as I will require parent permission for both activities.

I will email all parents to let you know when the forms have been sent home so that you can take a look in your child's home folder and backpack when you get a chance.

Splash Park

For the last week of June, please send your child's swimsuit to school as we will be heading over the the splash park in the afternoons if the weather permits it. We will keep a bag on the coat hooks and hang swimsuits to dry over night. Please send some sunscreen too.

Year End Party - June 27th

This year, we will be having our year end party at the splash park and at Popow's park. We will change into our bathing suits at the school in the morning before leaving for the splash park around 10. Then, we will play and enjoy the fun until 11:30. We will get all packed up, stop at the school to get changed and head to Popows park for a picnic and time to play until returning to the school around 2 for the year end assembly. Please feel free to join us anytime throughout the day.

For your Calendar

June 1- Tour of Upper Elementary

June 2- Family Forrest Fun Night (5-7 p.m.)

June 3- No school for students

June 13 - Field trip: Collicutt Center

June 14 - Field trip: Abbey Center

June 15- Hot lunch: Dominos

June 16- Hot dog lunch

June 22- Field trip: Slushies

June 23- Fun in the Sun

June 24- Free swim 9-9:40

June 27- Last Day of School for Students (Assembly at 2:30)