With Men Away at War, Ladies Show What They're Made of

Summary of Event

In the fall of 1942, a lot of 18 year old men were being drafted to war. This made Major League Baseball parks all over the country worry that they wouldn't have men to play in the league. Philip K. Wrigley decided to do something about it. He gathered a committee that brainstormed and came up with the idea to do a woman's baseball league. This became a big hit and went on for 12 years.


The All American Girls Professional Baseball League was started by Philip K. Wrigley. The reason why he started it was all because of the war. The men were being drafted to go fight and the MLB parks would stand tall and empty, just like what his pockets would become if he didn't do something. So Wrigley started a committee to come up with ideas that would fill the parks up. The best one was of a girl's baseball league.

The name was at first the All American Girls Softball League, but then changed it to the All American Girls Baseball League. They were hesitant at first because they weren't sure if the women were capable of men's work, but when they threw the idea out there, people ate it up. Thousands of girls came to the tryouts, but only a few selection got in. The league's motto was "Do or Die!" There were 15 teams in all, the most famous one being the Rockford Peaches. The movie, A League of Their Own, was made in 1992, showing what the league was really liked do mainly focusing on that team. The Rockford Peaches won 4 championships, being the league's all best. All the games took place in the teams' hometowns or on the Eastern coastline. This is a very important part in the war because it showed that girls can do something more than just cook and clean. It also gave people hope and happiness while they're husband or dad was away at war.


"Society may have been different in different areas of the country. I know the general feeling about women playing in sports was that you were not very feminine. You were a tomboy and liked boy's things. That separated you from other girls in most cases. In my case, in a small town, it was not so much that way. I was very good friends with most of the girls in my school and accepted by the boys and played with them after school and whenever I could find a group of boys playing baseball, basketball or football. I did not socialize with them though. I had girl friends too."-Jeanie Des Combes Lesko, pitcher from the Grand Rapid Chicks


  • There was a total of 600 girls in the league.
  • Dottie Kamenshek was the best all-time hitter.
  • Sophie Curys "Flint Flash" stole more then a thousand bases in her years playing.
  • There was an "All Star" team for some of the best girls in the league. They played 10 out of the 12 seasons.
  • The girls salaries for playing was $45-$85 a week. Some of them were making more then their parents.

Madonna - This Used To Be My Playground(The league of their own)


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