Tech. TidByte

January 10, 2018

A Note from Melissa Williams-Scott, Ed. D.

When it comes to technology, our students are much less reticent than many of us to try new things. They are less afraid of it not working, of stumbling. With that ability to try new things they are also more likely to learn new things. What we know about allowing students to drive the learning is that we must set boundaries and then watch carefully to see where they go, what they learn, and how they learned it. Was it success or failure that helped them learn the most from the experience? Take a moment to consider what group of students you teach you might be able to allow to drive learning. Then call your campus Technology Instructional Specialist, let us help you help your students to drive learning.

Stay Technically Healthy in 2018

We wanted to provide a few reminders about avoiding viruses and bugs in the New Year.

  • Avoid clicking on a link in an email from someone you do not know.
  • Avoid opening an attachment in an email from someone you do not know.
  • The IRS will not email you. Do not click on links or open attachments supposedly from the IRS.
  • Do not change your password from the link in an email you were not expecting.
  • Always go directly to the site to reset a password.
  • It is OK to click on the link to reset a password if you have just selected a Forgot Password button.
  • If you get a message on your computer that you have a virus, someone randomly calls to offer technical support or remotes into your device without your consent, do not give them your credit card information.
  • Hackers often use poor grammar and spelling. If you receive an official email from a company or governmental agency that seems suspicious, be on the lookout for grammatical and spelling errors. These should signal a red flag.


1,591 Chromebooks have been delivered to campuses in Dickinson ISD since the start of the school year, bringing out total Chromebook population to 4,064! Check with your librarian, team lead, or department chair on how to access these devices for learning. If you are not sure who to contact about checking out a cart, reach out to Jennifer Rushing, Claudia Valastro, or Caroline Lightfoot.

Below are some instructional projects that we could work with you and your students to integrate Chromebooks into your classroom..

Chromebook Project Ideas

These are a few of our favorite projects that work well with our new student devices.