Welcome to Shyna!

Located just off of democratic land (Maine, USA), Shyna is a island country of only 50,000 people. Shyna is ruled by dictator Shyla Kolka. A major city and our capital is Chai Town, which holds many of the population.

Having a hard time making decisions?

Stressed about how many kids you would like? Not sure what to wear in the morning? Getting tired throughout the day and needing energy, but not sure what will give you that boost? Don't worry! In Shyna, we will make those tough decisions for you! With our totalitarian government, we will make all your life decisions for you, so you can live an easier life!



There is a strict limit of 2 children per family, gender does not matter. This helps keep the population down. Failure to do so will result in jail time and taking the extra kid(s) away.


Girls are required to wear Ugg boots in the winter with leggings.

Boys have more freedom and are more free to wear what they choose.

***Failure to do so will involve jail time.


There are Starbucks shops on every corner of the streets. This is our national drink, so everyone must always be drinking it.


We depend on China for products, such as the iPhones they make.

We get along with America, even though they are a democracy. They try to change our dictatorship, but they have not convinced us to become a democracy. Our country runs well with only one leader in power, making all the decisions. America needs our timber and we have many fisheries to supply them with fish also. We depend on them for our Starbucks.


North Korea often tries to bomb us. Even though we are both a dictatorship, we often fight, but they are very isolated from the rest of the world.


There are many places needing hard workers in Shyna. You could join the army, work at fisheries, be a Starbucks barista, work at a clothing store, and there are so many more great opportunities!