Water Probelms by Keira

Where in the World is Afghanistan

Afghanistan is on the coast of Asia and pretty much in Asia as well as the coast. Afghanistan has a population of 30,000,000 and area of 251,000.

What Kind of Water Problem does Afghanistan Have?

It's suffering from war, because Afghanistan had war recently and the fighting country took all the food and water supplies. Afghanistan was left with nothing and had to find water only few found water.

What are the Current Efforts?

Afghanistan people walk hours to find water, some people walk about 6 hours to water but still it's dirty some people get sick because of the water. Even though they are happy about finding water.

Afghanistan Needs Help

In some places like Texas, California, or Florida well they all have water. But in Afghanistan they have some water that's dirty. If everyone works together Afghanistan can overcome the water problem let's help Afghanistan become the strongest by helping. If Afghanistan is not helped soon everyone will die. So help the world today right now this very second. The world might need YOUR help.


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Help this pretty place