Crazy Horse

for History Hall of Fame Induction

What he did...

Crazy Horse was a Sioux warrior who fought against American Settlers when they tried to take his land and force him and his people to move to a reservation. He was a renowned Military Leader and has many folk tales written about him.
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Crazy Horse's real name was Tashunka Witko. Crazy Horse was born in about 1840 near present-day Rapid City and he was a member of the Oglala Sioux. After a few years he joined the Lakota and fought against the Americans.

Later Years...

Crazy Horse fought alongside Sitting Bull in the Battle of Little Big Horn. He was the Chief of the Oglala Sioux and he was a renowned warrior. Crazy Horse died on September 5, 1877 when he was stabbed to death by his U.S. Army captors. Not many details are known about Crazy Horse's life because little was ever written down.

His Monument

Did You Know?

Once the Crazy Horse monument is finished it will be the world's largest sculpture.