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Oct 1, 2019 Vol. 3

Fife At A Glance

Graduation Date Change! Now Friday June 12, 2020

Please make note, Graduation for the class of 2020 has a date change. This was a decision made by our venue, the Showare Center in Kent. So mark your calendars, 7PM Friday June 12th, 2020!

Principal's Community Message: October

Earn it!

by Brandon Bakke

As most have heard, in the coming days Special Olympics and ESPN, along with a host of special guests and dignitaries, will be converging on Fife High School to celebrate us being recognized as a Top 5 National Banner Unified Champion School. We, essentially, are being recognized for being an inclusive school. I believe wholeheartedly that we are a great choice for this award. In my opinion, FHS can indeed be characterized as an inclusive school. It makes me so proud of our staff and students to see daily expressions of kindness, acceptance, respect, and empathy. The Fife community truly should be proud.

Make no mistake about it, however, we are not perfect. It's humbling to be recognized for inclusiveness because we know that some students are still struggling to feel included. In fact, as soon as this award was announced, I received a few emails saying just that. This was not a surprise to me, and I was glad some students reached out. Making friends can be hard, and it truly saddens me when I see people struggle to connect.

I’ve been stressing to our students these past weeks that we are not being recognized for being perfect, but as Special Olympics puts it, “for being on the right track.” What a great way of putting it! We HAVE to be on that mission to try and reach every student-- to never be satisfied. Simply put, we have to earn this “Top 5” award every day by our never-ceasing pursuit of inclusiveness. When we do that, we will continue to “earn it” every day. We will be able to look at the banner hanging on the wall and know it’s not something we did once.

The challenge being offered to our staff and students is don’t underestimate the impact you can have. I am a firm believer in the amazing law of influence; you might have heard me talk about it before: One life touches another, potentially both lives are changed. One life touches another, potentially the whole world can change. It starts with one hand shake, one time moving to a different table at lunch to sit with someone who is alone, one time going out of your way to start up a conversation, one time making yourself vulnerable… that one time can change a life.

Get ‘em Fife. Let’s earn this!

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Wednesday October 2nd: Unified National Banner Assembly: Info for the Community

We are thrilled to be hosting Special Olympics folks from around the country; Hall of Famer and former Sonics Coach PJ Carlesimo from ESPN is co-hosting the event, Governor Inslee is scheduled to appear, and host of other special guests and media, all coming for our Unified National Banner Celebration It is going to be a fun day of celebration, but unfortunately the event is NOT open to our greater Fife community and families. We simply don't have the space.

However, you can watch it live! How? go to and search for "Fife"!

We are asking students who drive to consider a car pool that day to help us with space! Thank you!

Students who drive: Wednesday Oct 2 is Car Pool Wednesday! In an effort to make as much space for our visitors for our Unified National Banner Event, we encourage you to carpool with a friend!

Cabbage Patch! Congrats to the Class of 2020

In one of the more unique school traditions in our country, Cabbage Patch 2020 didn't disappoint. Thank you to our students for doing a great job showing their Trojan and class pride, for competing hard, and for handling the entire event with class and respect.

ASB Update: Homecoming!

Homecoming week is approaching and with it brings the formal assembly to announce royalty on October 8th and the Pep assembly on the 10th, perhaps we will see another teachers skit??.

The football game is on Friday the 11th, at halftime of the game we will celebrate our royalty and reveal the King and Queen for 2019-2020, followed by the Alumni Walk.

The dance takes place here at the Fife High Gym on Saturday the 12th from 8:00pm - 11:00pm.

Tickets are $35 with ASB and $40 without an ASB. Tickets must be purchased in advance, NO TICKETS SOLD at the DOOR. Deadline to purchase is Thursday the 10th at 3PM (remember no school on the 11th the day of the game).

Students wanting to bring a guest from another school must get a permission form completed and turned in to the bookkeeper's office by October 4th at 3PM. These forms can be found on the school website and are also at the bookkeepers office.

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Look Ahead Preview

Note: only home athletic events listed

9/30- Monday - Late Start Schedule A

  • CWU On The Spot Admission 1-3pm

10/1- Tuesday- Schedule B

  • Go to Family Class

10/2- Wednesday- Special ESPN Schedule

  • Unified ESPN Day! 12:30pm assembly start.

  • B & G Golf vs FP @2:30p

  • Unified ESPN Assembly 12:30 - 2:00

10/3- Thursday-Schedule B

  • Boys Tennis vs White River @3:30

  • Girls Soccer vs Foster @7pm

10/4- Friday-Schedule B

  • SeniorsJosten’s Grad Order turn in @flex & lunches

  • New Cert Staff Check-In 2:30-3:00 pm

10/7- Monday Late Start-Schedule A

  • Boys Tennis vs RiverRidge @3:30pm

  • Volleyball vs Foster @7:15pm

10/8- Tuesday-Schedule B

  • Homecoming Court Assembly 9:30 AM

  • Girls Swim vs CP/FP/Washington @3:00 pm

  • Girls Soccer vs Highline @7:00 pm

10/9- Wednesday-Schedule B

  • Staff Meeting @2:30pm

  • Volleyball vs Highline @7:15 pm

  • Boys & Girls Golf vs CP @2:30 pm

10/10- Thursday-Schedule C

  • Homecoming Pep Assembly @1:40pm

  • Boys Tennis vs CP @3:30 pm

10/11- Friday-No School!

  • Football vs RiverRidge @7:00 pm

10/12- Saturday

  • Homecoming Dance gym @8pm

Bus time change!

FHS/CJH Bus times have been adjusted in the mornings beginning October 1st (not quite so early a pick up). The following buses will have morning time changes 1, 3, 12, 18, 19, 37, 39, and 42. Drivers will be handing out letters to riders notifying them of the new bus stop times. Transportation will also send out a Robo call to homes asking parents to check bus information. Students and families should view the website September 30th to confirm pick up bus times.

Parking Info

Unfortunately Fife HS has a limited amount of parking passes available for students. They go on sale during Trojan Days, and once they sell out we can no longer offer parking. This is not a unique problem to Fife, but one that is frustrating for sure. This year we will be able to create some additional spots in February. In an effort to provide students with equal opportunity to get a parking spots, we will be implementing a raffle drawing for anyone who submits their request for a spot. Eligible students must have a drivers licence or have obtained a drivers licence before May. We will begin taking names of interested students in January with the drawing to be held soon after... so be listening for updates on this as the new year approaches.

Football Stadium Seating Procedure Change

Trojan Football Fans!

We have made some changes to our security and seating procedures to make the fan experience the best it can be at Fife High School. We have very limited seating capacity in our stadium, and these changes are being implemented to help us ensure equity in our fan's viewing experience.

  • Bleacher Blankets. Effective immediately we will no longer allow for students, fans and families to tape down blankets to reserve seats. This practice has created some frustration and potential conflicts in the stands. Starting with the 9/20 home game, there will be designated sections for students, coaches, etc., but all other seating will be first come first serve beginning at 5:30pm when the gates open. All blankets that have been put down in the stadium to "save" seats prior to the gates opening will be removed. In addition, the stadium will be cleared prior to tickets being sold.

  • With a heightened awareness on safety and security we are no longer allowing re-entry to Football home games for students, parents and friends. Once you enter the stadium you will not be allowed back in if you leave the gates.

  • Surprise Lake Middle School students' ASB's will no longer be accepted for free admission for Fife High School events. The cost for middle school students is $4. This policy is consistent with all the schools in our league.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

ASB President Zoie Breland is the featured guest on a national podcast debuting Monday!

Be sure to be checking our social media platforms Monday to hear Zoie talk about Fife high school and the unified culture we are working hard to create. You can hear her on the Character Strong podcast available on Monday!

Coming Events

Homecoming Football Game

Friday, Oct. 11th, 7pm

Fife, WA, USA

Fife, WA

Homecoming Dance

Saturday, Oct. 12th, 8-11pm

5616 20th Street East

Fife, WA

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Saturday, Oct. 19th, 7:45-11:30am

5616 20th Street East

Fife, WA

This year the PSAT will be given at FHS on Saturday, October 19 at FHS from 7:45am to 11:30am in the 500 building. Check in the library. Cost is $25.

To register students need to pay the bookkeeper, their are limited spots for the test so registrations are on a first come first serve basis. Registered students will receive practice materials to study. Students who are unable to take the test on Saturday 10/19 could call other local high schools and see if they are giving the PSAT on the Wednesday date and then ask they if could take the PSAT at that school. This would be the student’s responsibility.

Students need to bring #2 pencils and a calculator to the test. The PSAT has a reading section, a writing and language section and a math section. There is NOT an essay on the PSAT.

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Good To Know Info

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New: Online Payment Option

Finally our online Webstore is available! You can make purchases and pay fees/fines for your student at your convenience. Click the link below to access the Webstore.

ESPN Coming to FHS!

We are thrilled to be recognized by ESPN and Special Olympics as Top 5 National Banner Unified Champion School. This means we have met the 10 national standards for inclusion, and are "on the right track" to making this world a better place. We are so proud of our students for leading the way in this movement at Fife. Having students with disabilities participating in every aspect of our Fife community along side their non-disabled peers is what Fife is all about! We are excited to have ESPN coming to FHS on October 2nd, while this assembly is only open to our students, staff, and invited guests, we will be sure to pass along the time and date our presentation of this award will air on the different ESPN platforms.

Get 'em Trojans!

Learn More about the National Banner Program

Get Involved with the Fife High School Booster Club!

Click here to learn more about how you can get involved with the Fife High School Booster Club!

Weighted GPA begining with the class of 2022? What is that all about?

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