Lewis Learning Log

Weekly Staff Newsletter November 16-20, 2015

Upcoming Events

Nov. 16 McTeacher's Night 4-8pm

Nov. 17 1:1 Classroom Training (3rd gr AM, 4th gr PM)

Nov. 18 Co-Teaching Training (Barb and Tracy)

Nov. 18 ECC PCM Day

Nov. 18 Staff Meeting 3pm - location TBA

Nov. 19 Team Meetings (behavior data, action plans)

What has your team created or solved together lately?

Effective Collaboration

Personalities on Teams

Kindy shared this personality survey with the leadership team this week. Knowing your own strengths and weaknesses, and appreciating those of others on your team helps everyone to pull together-build on one another's strengths-and have a stronger capacity together.

Try taking the survey as a team and discuss your results!

Guess Who...

Born: Excelsior Springs

Pets: Jenny, Ruby, Penney, Shadow

Hobbies: reading, gardening, General Hospital, wine, dinner out, family

Favorite Food: Mexican

Favorite Toy as a Child: Barbie mobile home/camper-still has it!

Book Recommendations: Loser (Spinelli), Wonder (Palacio), Hatchet (Paulsen), Bridge to Terabithia (Paterson)

The Unwanteds (McMann)

Dream Vacation: beach, warm, ocean...maybe Hawaii

Favorite Superhero: Ironman

Behavior Data Team Meetings

This week our team meeting collaboration is about behavior. I would like for you to get to use this time together to create real action plans-create some engaging lessons-for some real needs. Our building data is showing that at least 90% of our students in every grade level have 0-1 referrals so that is AWESOME! That being said, I know there are nore students on Check In/Check Out than we have ever had before. Let's face it: teachers have some classroom management/behavior needs. We are dealing with almost 500 little 5-11 year-olds EVERY SINGLE DAY...They don't behave like adults, by any means!

After listening to conversations from teachers in all grade levels, I think I would narrow down the "hot topics" to the following:

3rd-5th: Digital Citizenship!! Safe, Respectful, Responsible use of technology Let's get on top of this.

K-2nd: Blurting out, and not doing class work

Please reflect and begin to think about some actual lessons, procedures, etc. that need to be taught. Come to team meeting ready to WORK to plan some lessons and activities.

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Positive Feedback from Parents Regarding Super Family Fun Night

Kaydence had such a great time, she's still talking about all the fun she had. Thank you

Thanks for a fun night for the kids to enjoy! My son said when we left "I just love Lewis so much!" I couldn't agree more!!

Ellie and Sam loved everything! Thanks Lewis for a great night.

Thank u to all of the Staff that helped for a great night! My kiddos loved it!

We have a great school! Thank you for all that you do for our two girls!