Mrs. Gaston's News

September 21, 2015

Field Trip Fun:

We are very excited about our upcoming field trip to Black's Peaches on Friday, October 9th. We are going to get to explore the farm on a hay-ride, hear stories about the patch, and each child will receive a miniature pumpkin to bring home! If you are interested in chaperoning this trip, and have not yet told me, please email me A.S.A.P.

We have so many exciting field trips planned this year. Please make sure that you have turned in your permission slips and field trip money by this Friday, September 25th.

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Curriculum Corner:


Place Value

This week we are learning about place value. We will be talking about ones, tens, and hundreds. Students will be asked to idenitfy the value of an underlined digit and asked to build a given number using base ten blocks.

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We are also going to begin working on our fact fluency this week.

Standard Focus:

2.ATO.2 Demonstrate fluency with addition and related subtraction facts through 20.

This means: Fluently and fluency describe a student's ability to compute with accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. (Kilpatrick, Swafford, & Findell, 2001)

To begin, we will use the website, Math Magician, to track and test our fluency.

The link to this website is below. I encourage you to allow your child to practice at home to improve their fact fluency.

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RL 6.1 Character, Setting, Plot {Beginning, Middle, End}

RL 5.1 Ask and answer questions about stories.

RL 5.2 Making predictions before and during reading.

RL 12.1 Describe the overall structure of a story. {Beginning, Middle, End}


We will be concluding our Changes unit this week. I will be reassessing any standards that students have not shown mastery of thus far.


Our focus for the week will be:

  • handwriting
  • spelling strategies
  • continuing narrative writing

Social Studies:

We will begin our social studies unit "Communities" on Wednesday, September 23rd.

Our focuses will be:

Week 1- Maps 2-1.1

Week 2- Rural, Suburban, & Urban 2-1.3

Week 3- Local Region 2-1.2

Week 4- Changes over time 2-1.4

If you have any maps at home that you could send in this week, I would greatly appreciate it. The kids love getting to share and explore the different maps they find!

Upcoming Events:

Science Test- Tuesday, September 22nd

Field Trip Fund & Permission Slips due- Friday, September 25th

Grandparents Lunch- Friday, September 25th

Fatz Pancake Breakfast- Saturday, October 3rd

Oktoberfest-Thursday, October 22nd

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